Adelaide Radio Ratings – GFK 7

• Mix still #1 overall and Fiveaa breakfast leader

• Major moves, but Mix still #1 overall and Fiveaa breakfast leader
• Cruise 1323 hits double figures, outrates Triple M, Nova and Hit
• Drive: Will & Woody maintain lead ahead of Kate, Tim & Marty

Mix 102.3 13.0%

Most dayparts lost share with the exception of morning, which was up 0.3 to 13.2%. Breakfast with Jodie and Soda dipped 0.8 to 12.4% and remain #1 FM breakfast. Will and Woody remain the drive champions with share hovering again above 13%.

Fiveaa 10.9%

All dayparts took a tumble this survey. However the small correction was not enough for breakfast with Penbo and Will to lose top spot. The drive slot took the biggest hammering, with Rowey and Bicks and then Sportsday SA contributing to a drop of 3.4 to 9.6%.

Cruise 1323 10.2%

Super result for the little station that could. Keeping it simple has paid a dividend here in much the same way the magic works at the east coast smoothfm licences. Cruise leads three FM stations overall, while John Dean at breakfast is up 0.6 to 8.3%.

Nova 91.9 9.6%

Breakfast lifted 1.4 to 9.6% in a survey that includes the last few weeks on Shane Lowe’s time on the show. All timeslots improved with Smallzy seeing evening share rise 1.8 to 12.5%.

5MMM 8.9%

Recent gains were lost with overall share down 1.1 while breakfast with Roo and Ditts dropped 2.0 to 8.9%.

Hit 107 8.1%

The station is getting close to an 8% result again in a down book where evening got beat up the most – down 3.4 to 5.3%. Afternoon remains the strongest daypart on 10.6%, despite a fall of 1.0.

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