AANA add four more guest speakers to its upcoming RESET event


Joining Rio Ferdinand is Ukonwa Ojo, Sandra Martinez, Shelley Reys and Bernard Salt

The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) has added four more speakers to the line-up for its premier marketing conference, RESET.

The event will take place on March 24, 2023, and welcomes a number of pre-eminent global and local speakers.

Since 2014, the AANA has been bringing the media, marketing and advertising community together to be captivated by great speakers, networking and mind-blowing content. This year’s theme is about striving to be better.

Teams can expect a jam-packed day on themes such as purpose, being better brands, better marketing effectiveness and better sustainability.
Joining football legend, turned entrepreneur Rio Ferdinand is Ukonwa Ojo, Sandra Martinez, Shelley Reys and local favourite Bernard Salt.

Ojo was the chief marketing officer at Prime Video and Amazon Studios. She previously held CMO positions with MAC Cosmetics and one of the world’s largest beauty companies, Coty. She has been internationally recognised for her work and won countless awards – she will truly be an inspiration for the marketers in the room.

AANA reset line up

Sandra Martinez is CEO of Nestlé Oceania, she leads the teams behind some of the region’s most iconic brands, such as KitKat, Nescafeě, Milo, Allen’s, Maggi, Uncle Tobys and Purina. She is one of the most prominent Latin American migrants in Australian business circles and will speak about better sustainability and what the future holds.
Speaking on the local front on the topic of reconciliation, the Voice to Parliament and everything you need to know, is Shelley Reys AO. Reys has worked in the reconciliation space for 30 years and has been helping the Australian workforce to better work in the Indigenous space with greater skill and confidence.
Setting the state-of-the-nation and the economy is local demographer and social commentator Bernard Salt who will be returning to the RESET stage to advise delegates on the macro and micro trends we are experiencing.
AANA CEO Josh Faulks proudly explained: “RESET is the event of year for marketing and advertising professionals bringing our community together to be inspired, provoked and challenged. This year RESET is all about pushing the industry to be better. It is an opportunity to hear from local and global superstars on issues that matter most to marketers and their businesses.”
RESET is a marketing festival for big thinking businesses, for sparking ideas, for making connections and for making the advertising industry better.
The AANA’s landmark event, RESET, will be held at The Australian Turf Club and live streamed on March 24, 2023. Visit reset.aana.com.au for more information and to purchase tickets.

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