Meta reveals its Q4 2022 results as Facebook’s active user numbers rise


Facebook’s Daily Active Users were up +4% year on year, while Monthly Active Users rose by 2.96 billion

Meta has reported its results for the fourth quarter of 2022, which saw its platform, Facebook, achieved impressive numbers.

The metrics for the tech company’s family of products saw the Daily Active People (DAP) rise to 2.96 billion, up 5% year on year. Meanwhile, its Monthly Active People (MAP) measured 3.74 billion, up +4% year on year.

The total number of ad impressions served across Meta’s services increased 23%, but the average price per ad decreased 22%.

Looking specifically at Facebook’s community metrics, the Daily Active Users (DAU) recorded 2.00 billion, up +4% year on year, while the Monthly Active Users (MAU) rose 2.96 billion, rising +2% year on year. Meta noted that Facebook’s DAU/MAU ratio was 67.5%.

Meta’s Q4 total revenue was $32.2 billion (-4% Y/Y or +2% Y/Y on a constant currency basis), while 2022 full year revenue was nearly $117 billion (-1% Y/Y or +4% on a constant currency basis).

For the company’s Family of Apps advertising revenue was $31.3 billion (-4% Y/Y or +2% Y/Y on a constant currency basis). Meanwhile, its Q4 Reality Labs revenue was $727 million (-17% Y/Y).

Looking ahead, Meta has a number of priorities including AI for discovery engine.
Facebook and Instagram are shifting from being organised solely around people and accounts you follow to increasingly showing more relevant content recommended by our AI systems.
This covers every content format — which makes our services unique — but we’re especially focused on short-form video since Reels is growing so quickly.
Another AI priority is monetisation. The tech giant noted that in the last quarter, advertisers saw over 20% more conversions than in the year before. And combined with a declining cost per acquisition, this has resulted in higher returns on ad spend.
Meta is also making an emphasis on business messaging. Facebook and Instagram are the first two pillars of our business, and in the next few years the company hopes to bring messaging online as the next pillar.
One way of doing this is click-to-message ads, which is now at a $10 billion run rate.
Rounding out its priorities ahead is the Metaverse. Last year the company shipped Quest Pro, the first mainstream mixed reality (MR) device, and they are setting the standard for the industry with our MR system.
The MR ecosystem is relatively new, but Meta think it’s going to grow a lot in the next few years. Later this year, they plan to launch our next generation consumer headset.

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