2CH DAB+ marks its 90th birthday


• The station was founded in 1922 and broadcast from the AWA building

2CH DAB+ is celebrating 90 years on the airwaves in Sydney.

The station, founded in 1922, broadcast from the top of the AWA building and create a wide range of content and programs, from live artists, audience-participation programs, recorded musicals or dramatic shows.  

The station also proved to be ahead of its time by airing women’s content, including the 2CH women’s league, which assisted women to enjoy recreational activities such as golf, lawn bowls, ten pin bowling and tennis.

The Melody Matinee sessions, hosted by Meg McSpeerin and Hilda Morse, who founded the 2CH Women’s league, raised over $50,000 for various war efforts and charities.  

2CH also shares its special milestone with the Sydney Harbour Bridge, when the NSW government passed an Act to allow construction to begin.

Long-time commentator and television legend Tim Webster said: “I’ve been at 2CH for three years now and was given the great honour of taking over from Bob Rogers after the great man found it too hard to continue.

“I started on the breakfast program just over a year ago, and it’s some of the best fun I have ever had in radio. I had a long and extremely rewarding career in TV, but radio was always a first love for its immediacy, one on one communication and, of course, the music.

“Classic Hits 2CH plays the best music in town and has listeners all over Australia. Ninety years and going strong,” he added.

Sports Entertainment Network (SEN) took over the license for 2CH in 2020, rebranding the station to what it is today and moving the entertainment station to a digital-only platform on DAB+ and The SEN App. 

The 74,000 loyal weekly listeners are still entertained daily with their favourite music from the ’60s, ’70s and a touch of the ’80s.

Quality music is the hero for our young-at-heart audience who tune into our talented 2CH presenters, including Webster, Nay Pearce, Jane Neild, Matt Pardy, Michael Loughnan, Nims Azoor and Eddie Olek.  

As we approach the 90th Birthday of this landmark radio station, we will be celebrating all the voices that have entertained Sydney siders throughout the tenure of the radio station.

Top image: Tim Webster

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