2015 ASTRA Industry Excellence Awards nominees predict the future of sub TV

ASTRA’s annual Industry Excellence Awards nominees answer our burning question


Creative Professional of the Year Finalists

•  DAN ALDRIDGE – Head of creative, BBC Worldwide

Dan Aldridge ASTRA IEA FinalistIt will be about consolidating channel portfolios and the premium content on offer, and adapting to consumer behaviour. The consumer doesn’t want reams of channels showing the same content – they want uninterrupted shows and the opportunity to watch back-to-back episodes. They want the flexibility to watch on any platform, and they want additional extras. Subscription television will have to welcome new technological opportunities, enhanced automation and second-screen offerings to help counterpunch the new internet-based players.


•  MIKKI KATZ – Creative director premium entertainment, Foxtel

Mikki Katz ASTRA IEA FinalistSecuring sporting rights and rights to stream live sport as well as continuing to create great local content will be key. Staying ahead of the game with technical advancements and giving the customers more choice and flexibility will also be crucial.




•  CARLY HEATON – Head of brand strategy and creative director, Foxtel

Carly HeatonThe future of subscription TV isn’t TV – it’s providing unmissable content worth paying for across any device or platform. The business belongs to those who talk about the experience they generate (think Tuesday morning Game of Thrones spoiler alerts in the office), rather than cost or device type.



•  SHANNON MOST – Marketing director ANZ, NBCUniversal

NBCUniversal's Shannon MostViewers want strong content. STV already offers some of the most highly sought programs and our job is to continue to deliver compelling, engaging content, and that will build our channel brands. Viewing habits will continue to evolve but content will always be king.




Rising Star finalists 

•  ZAKARY CHENOWETH – Designer and producer, Foxtel Music Channels

Zakary ChenowethI see the model of subscription television as we know it all but disappearing. On-demand video will be at the centre of the future of subscription television. I see a huge future for intuitive interface design of subscription TV products, a versatility of subscription options and ultimately a transformation to an internet-based product equally tailored to TVs, computers and mobile devices.



•  NANCY-MAREE RYAN – Production manager, BBC Worldwide

Nancy-Maree RyanConsuming TV online through a myriad of devices is unquestionable. Audiences can now watch what they want, when they want. Subscription TV will have to step up its game to compete with the disruptors like Netflix, Fetch TV, Stan and Presto, and realise that the audience is now gaining more power than ever. Not only does it have to make its first-screen offering formidable, but the second-screen experience must also be reinforced to engage the viewer at every possible second they spend absorbing content.

Subscription TV has to provide a platform on which audiences can be involved and be valued in the ever-growing realm of on-demand content. Ultimately as the market grows, so do choices. Those choices will shape our landscape and providers will have to listen to viewers more than ever before.


•  TOPHER WILLIS – Marketing executive, NBCUniversal Australia

Topher WillisA move toward catering to very specific audiences is where the future and more importantly the success of subscription television lies. With the amount of television being produced each year continuing to rise and the number of SVOD services available, channels will focus their programming into niche brands, meaning audiences will feel more connected to channels. More television and niche brands that appeal to certain demographics will mean a highly engaged audience and the opportunity to create interesting digital content.



•  ABDEL MOORHOUSE – Programming assistant, Foxtel Arts

Abdel MoorhouseI see the current model of subscription television being quite different within a few years. On demand content through the internet will be the driving force, allowing subscribers to view the content of their choosing – when, where and how they see fit. Live sports and big events will remain major drawcards, but the prevalence of the regular linear channel we see today will be secondary.


Television Professional of the Year Finalists

•  GEOFF CRANE  Manager of operations/director, Sky News

Geoff CraneSubscription television must be the source of original product, a place where Australian generated productions have a home and a delivery platform that consumers can source easily and exclusively. From sport to news, movies and an interactive entertainment, those willing to pay for an experience will be looking for a total package.



•  TALIA GREET  Director of operations and production, Sky News

Talia GreetI see the future of subscription television ideally becoming a powerful combination of live original content – news, sport, reality and first-run programming – together with a vast back catalogue of on-demand entertainment, all accessible on every device and in a package tailored to each individual.



•  MANDY PATTINSON  Senior vice president & general manager, Discovery Networks

Mandy PattinsonThe future is incredibly bright for subscription television and the place it has in the homes of Australian television audiences. With viewers demanding more variety, greater access and higher quality entertainment than ever before, STV is unrivalled in its awesome selection of renowned local and international brands producing a plethora of high quality programming.

With technology changing the way television is consumed, access to quality content is the key to the future of our industry’s success, on whatever platform it is purchased for and broadcast on.



•  JACQUI FEENEY  Managing director, Fox International Channels

Jacqui FeeneyI have no doubt that subscription TV will get even better at rich storytelling to capture imaginations while our viewing experience will become more personalised, as our habits and relationship with great TV continues
to evolve.




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