Mediaweek TV Guide: 15 June 2016

On the list of recommended viewing tonight: Ruben Guthrie + The Raid

Your guide to the best and most interesting TV each night. Today’s guide compiled by Andrew Mercado [AM].

Ruben Guthrie 8.30pm on Masterpiece

This Australian film premiered around this time at last year’s Sydney Film Festival and then, sadly, sank without trace. Which is a shame because it was my favourite Aussie movie of last year. Patrick Brammall is fantastic (again) in the title role playing a hotshot advertising executive who realises he has a problem and heads off to Alcoholics Anonymous group. It is very funny and has a lot to say about Australian drinking culture. All the cast is magnificent, but particularly Jack Thompson and Robyn Nevin as his enabling parents,  and Alex Dimitriades playing (yet another) gay character. Hugely recommended.

The Raid 11.20pm on SBS2

The Raid

An Indonesian movie from 2011 that was described by some as “the best action film in decades” which certainly made Hollywood sit up and take notice. They toyed with the idea of a remake with a Hemsworth brother but thankfully, it went nowhere. Instead, this non-stop orgy of murder and mayhem inside a high rise building led to another equally well-received Indonesian sequel.

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