emma to integrate MOVE out-of-home measurement data

Outdoor Media Association announce MOVE to be integrated into emma by early 2016

emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) and the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) have announced that out-of-home (OOH) currency measures from MOVE (Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure), the OOH audience measurement system, will be integrated into emma by early 2016, in an amalgamation of consumer metrics set to change the way media agencies plan OOH campaigns.

Independent research company Ipsos, which developed emma, was selected as the preferred partner of the OMA following a competitive tender process involving three other research companies. The project will be the first data driven initiative for the outdoor industry in 2016, following the OMA’s announcement in mid-2015 for the development of an Automated Transaction Platform (ATP).

“OOH currently finds itself in a very enviable position as other traditional media channel audiences fragment,” OMA CEO Charmaine Moldrich said. “By comparing emma’s detailed data on consumer attitudes, media behaviour and product and brand usage, alongside the OOH advertising faces MOVE measures, media agencies will now have a richer and more accurate understanding of OOH and the ability to directly compare OOH’s superior reach against other media channels.”

Fusing the two metric systems will enable emma subscribers to cross-tabulate all of emma’s media, demographic, attitudinal, lifestyle and product consumption variables against the formats measured by MOVE, giving media planners a deeper understanding of OOH’s reach by specific demographics. In addition, the geo- demographic audience profiling tool, geoemma, will also fuse with MOVE, enabling even greater comprehensive local area marketing insights.

Ipsos MediaCT managing director Simon Wake said, “Ipsos will be first to market with the MOVE data and this is an important endorsement for emma from the outdoor industry. It shows great faith in emma’s position as the future of audience measurement. Our promise has been to deliver innovation, methodological rigour and industry collaboration, and this is another key example of that. Our expertise in media data fusion and custom solutions, plus Ipsos’s technical leadership all contributed to the tender success.”

MOVE general manager Grant Guesdon said: “Fusing MOVE data in to emma is a great opportunity to show outdoor’s reach, especially across different lifestyles and consumers.

“In the current media climate, OOH has the power to reach the people other media find hard to get. A cross media analysis in emma, with MOVE, will help agencies and clients identify the value of this to their campaign and, more importantly, help advertisers better plan their investment decisions.

“In the five years since its launch, MOVE is well established in the agency environment. As an industry we now want to supercharge outdoor’s recent growth and emma provides the perfect vehicle for that purpose along with Ipsos’s expertise in media data fusion, really establishing outdoor audience data in the media channel planning space.”

The fusion will commence late 2015 with data expected to be available to media agencies, major advertisers and outdoor media companies from early 2016.

Source: emma

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