10 Speaks releases first podcast following partnership with Acast

“We’re really excited to be launching 10 Speaks with such a fantastic podcast”

Network 10 has released its first 10 Speaks podcast, The Professor and The Hack. Hosted by 10’s network political editor Peter Van Onselen and national affairs editor Hugh Riminton, The Professor and The Hack is a weekly show unpacking what’s happening in Australian politics for the average Australian.

Riminton said: “The Professor and the Hack is just PVO and me doing what we do anyway – banging on about politics, what’s going on under the surface and what the hell it’s all about. He’s the Prof and I’m just the Hack with lots of questions. Millions are going to listen to this podcast and we’ll all get rich. That’s the plan.”

Network 10’s chief executive officer Paul Anderson said: “We’re really excited to be launching 10 Speaks with such a fantastic podcast, particularly in the lead-up to the federal election. When it comes to politics, Peter and Hugh are world-class and their banter, insights and take on the world is unique, accessible and relatable. I may be biased of course, but I’d highly recommend the first episode to those who enjoy good ol’ political banter.”

For more see Podcast Week in Thursday’s Mediaweek Morning Report.

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