YouTube specialist Valleyarm taking Hamish & Andy to global audience

The Valleyarm deal encompasses Radio Karate’s catalogue of programming

Valleyarm has announced a deal with Radio Karate, the production company behind Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year and True Story with Hamish & Andy to manage the global distribution of their content across YouTube.

The Radio Karate partners are Hamish Blake, Andy Lee, Ryan Shelton and Tim Bartley.

As the global digital video partner, the Valleyarm deal encompasses Radio Karate’s catalogue of programming, which will include content from hit shows including Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year and Hamish & Andy’s Caravan of Courage.

Valleyarm will focus on reaching a global audience for Hamish & Andy’s content enabling Radio Karate to grow the brand.

Valleyarm calls itself the leading YouTube enterprise partner in the APAC region. It specialises in YouTube channel management, IP protection, audience growth and monetisation – offering services to content owners and creators. Current clients include Turner Broadcasting, Beyond International and Moshcam. Valleyarm has offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

Mark Ashbridge, managing director of Valleyarm, said: “Radio Karate has been highly successful at specialising in more traditional forms of media for the last 10 years, so we are excited to work with them to grow their audience outside of Australia.”

Mark Ashbridge

Matt Campbell, content director of Valleyarm, said: “Radio Karate produces such fantastic content and we’re looking forward to leveraging it to help them grow a truly global fan base.”

Tim Bartley, executive producer at Radio Karate said: “We are really delighted to work with the YouTube professionals at Valleyarm to help introduce our content to a more global audience. We’ve always thought watching Hamish & Andy humiliate themselves and eat gross food is pretty universal entertainment!”

Hamish & Andy’s new YouTube channel Hamish & Andy TV can be found at

[Note: Due to geo-blocking because of copyright restrictions Australian viewers will not see all content]

Photo: Mark Ashbridge, managing director of Valleyarm

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