Yahoo7 reveals best digital ad formats for FMCG campaigns

New research uncovers method to consumer engagement

Unique advertising campaign objectives can now be matched directly with the most effective ad formats thanks to Yahoo7’s latest Insight Series report, Into The Basket. Referencing an established research model from US, the report demonstrates display formats were best at achieving cognitive engagement, whereas sponsored content and video formats were better at tapping into emotional and behavioural engagement.

For campaigns seeking a cognitive response, such as gaining consumer attention, interest or awareness, it was found that rich media display and video delivered the most effective results. Furthermore, rich media display formats were better at achieving correct branding, while video most effectively generated spontaneous awareness.

By comparison, campaigns seeking behavioural responses, like consumer interaction (e.g. click-through and recommendation), were best served by a combination of sponsored content and video formats, while emotional engagement, such as improved brand perception or loyalty, was best achieved through video.

The research also demonstrated Billboard and MREC formats are most powerful when employed together, while content is most effective when sponsored by display advertising.

Paul Sigaloff, commercial director for Yahoo7, said, “This Insight Series report provides advertisers with an unprecented level of detail into the most effective ad formats to achieve campaign objectives. Advertisers should use these insights to strategically decide which combination of formats will effectively deliver return on their investment.

“FMCG customers are researching and preparing for their shopping through a wide range of channels, as well as being on mobile in-store, so it’s imperative brands are selecting the right channels and formats to achieve engagement.

“Our combination of rich consumer insights and comprehensive network offering reaching 3.8 million main grocery buyers makes Yahoo7 the leading partner for FMCG brands looking to achieve truly effective consumer engagement,” Sigaloff concluded.

The research consisted of a series of experiments from more than 1,000 respondents across Australia, leveraging various established advertising metrics.

Into the Basket will be available for presentation throughout Q2.

To download a “lite” version of the report, visit the Yahoo7 advertising website, or to book a presentation or access the full report, contact

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