Yahoo7 launches market-first 360-degree ad format

Yahoo7 launches market-first 360-degree ad format flexible for desktop, tablet and mobile

Venessa HuntYahoo7 has launched a 360-degree mobile ad format. In an Australian first, the new mobile advertising offering combines 360-degree video, accelerometer mobile technology and virtual reality to create a truly immersive experience for advertisers and audiences.

Yahoo7’s newest ad execution leverages the latest mobile technologies to put the user at the heart of a branded experience. Using Web GL technology and Celtra’s inline video player, the new format gives brands the ability to bring consumers into a controlled virtual reality experience, without the hassle of additional software or third-party applications. The new 360-degree format looks at engagement from a new perspective, combining both high-end graphics and video content to immerse users in a rich-media environment. On initiation, users can move their phone around to “explore” a virtual environment that moves and changes around them.

Venessa Hunt (pictured), mobile strategy manager, Yahoo7 said: “The new 360-degree ad format looks at mobile advertising from new angles, literally. We’re constantly looking for ways to incorporate emerging technologies or new approaches into our advertising solutions, aligning with our business’ mobile-first strategy. Yahoo7 is committed to innovating to deliver products that help brands connect with audiences in completely different ways.”

The format is highly customisable, allowing advertisers to add their own branded overlays, start and end animations, as well as dynamic or timed branding cards to sit within or outside video content. The new format is highly flexible, with the functionality to operate out of numerous placements and positions across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Source: Yahoo7

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