Yahoo 2024 Newfront: Everything you need to know

Yahoo newfront 2024

John McNerney: “Our strategy for 2024 is bold. It’s forward-focused.”

Yahoo Advertising has launched its 2024 plans at a series of Newfront events, with Mediaweek attending an intimate session at Sydney’s Hinchcliff House on Friday.

Overall, Yahoo DSP has seen a 43% increase in omnichannel spend in 2023, including a 68% increase in BVOD spend this year.

John McNerney, managing director of Yahoo Advertising AUSEA, opened the day by saying that: “Our strategy for 2024 is bold. It’s forward-focused. It revolves around emerging technologies and immersive experiences. It’s unforgettable ad campaigns, captivating content and unprecedented audience engagement.

“Our focus is on connecting people through advertising, and we’re proud of the role we play in making a better world for everyone. In 2024, we’ll keep pushing boundaries to create opportunities for partners and advertisers to really connect.”

John McNerney yahoo

John McNerney

The announcements from the 2024 Newfronts are:

Data interoperability

Interoperability allows advertisers to deploy first party data across the funnel. To make this easier for advertisers across the Yahoo DSP, new partnerships have been announced with Tealium CDP and Conversion API, Adobe, Salesforce, and MParticle

Dan Richardson, director of data, Yahoo APAC, said: “When it comes to tech, having the right partners makes all the difference. As our advertising partners work towards data-led transformation of their brands we want them to know we are here for them.

“These new partnerships mean brands can securely bring their data in to deliver full funnel customer experiences in the Yahoo DSP, improve personalisation, insights, and most importantly, return on investment.”

Dan Richardson Yahoo

Dan Richardson


Programmatic advertising works to understand how campaigns are performing, and has seen Yahoo make announcements regarding solutions in several areas of measurement.

Yahoo has become the first Australian DSP to launch a measurement solution with Amplified Intelligence’s attention platform – a platform that every major holding group in Australia subscribes to – to help agencies quantify their attention buys. This adds to existing solutions from Playground XYZ and Adelaide;

Yahoo has also announced sales lift through a new partnership with Flybuys Unpacked, and brand lift through a new partnership with Lucid by Cint.

Dan Richardson said: “I am really excited by these new partnerships. The data landscape may be changing, but Yahoo has exactly the right map to navigate it. Our sole focus is on helping advertisers step into the future with confidence, backed by quantifiable evidence and tangible insights that resonate with their audiences.”

Total TV

The evolution of the TV landscape has seen increased opportunities for advertisers, but also increased complexity in buying and measuring audiences across linear and Advanced TV channels.

New server-to-server integrations have been unveiled for Yahoo Backstage, including a new partnership with FreeWheel, Magnite that provides access to more CTV inventory for advertisers.

A partnership with Publica by IAS will work to improve transparency and efficiency in CTV buying.

These announcements build capability to the Advanced TV Suite, a partnership with Samba TV.

Andrew Gilbert, director of platforms, Yahoo AUSEA, said: “To date, we’ve seen uptake for our Advanced TV suite by nine different agency groups and over 150 brands that want to understand the true incrementality of their media investment alongside linear TV.

“We’re not just challenging our partners to think about what’s next with Advanced TV investment, we’re also partnering more deeply with them in their own technology stacks, to help enable greater integration and growth for their businesses.”

Andrew Gilbert Yahoo

Andrew Gilbert


In 2024 Yahoo is recommitting to partnerships with UnLtd, MMAD and Ronald McDonald House, as well as working to be more environmentally aware.

A new global partnership with Good Loop has created a carbon neutral private marketplace allowing advertisers to become more sustainable by minimising the carbon footprint of their digital advertising activities. 

Jounce Media recently named Yahoo Backstage as the “largest MFA-free supply source on the open Web.”

“Made for Advertising” (MFA) sites consume 21% of all programmatic ad impressions, leading to waste and carbon emissions. By delivering MFA-free content, Yahoo is working to reduce media waste and its environmental impact.

Andrew Gilbert said: “Supply Path Optimisation has been one of the hottest topics in programmatic in 2023. Yahoo has recognised this with our own drive to simplify the supply chain and create stronger partnerships, which all drives more effective media spend.

“A simplified supply chain means less middlemen, less latency, less bid requests, and therefore less carbon emissions, a win-win for us all.“

Yahoo editorial brands

Yahoo’s news mastheads – Yahoo News, Yahoo Sport, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Lifestyle – record a daily audience of more than 11 million Aussies.

Yahoo Finance will be led by new head of finance Belinda Grant-Geary. With 40% of Aussies saying they’re in financial distress as they struggle to afford basics such as food, energy bills and transportation, Yahoo is working to provide content to service audiences across all levels of financial expertise.

Yahoo News will be focussing on the environmental crisis – with a third of the platform’s top stories this year reporting on the topic – reflecting the fact that the environment is one of the biggest concerns for Australians alongside the cost of living.

Julia Edwards

Julia Edwards

Julia Edwards, commercial director, Yahoo AUSEA said: “Our editors at Yahoo News are using data, expert opinion and real life examples to help readers understand and prompt action.

“We believe in the power of storytelling to inspire, educate, and entertain, with endless opportunities to change minds and hearts. Through our platforms, we strive to spread positivity, foster meaningful connections, and champion the values that matter most to our audiences.”

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