Wunderman Thompson launches peer-to-peer mentoring app for women across APAC

Wunderman Thompson

The app, Magpie, is to empower and connect women across the business using a matchmaking style app

Wunderman Thompson has launched its peer-to-peer mentoring app for women across APAC after a successful launch in the UK last International Women’s Day.

The purpose of the app, called Magpie, is to empower and connect women across the business using a matchmaking style app based on each individual mentor’s expertise and knowledge.
Complimenting longer-term mentoring schemes available in the industry, Magpie connects women for peer mentorship on specific/individual needs, featuring 15 themes ranging from maternity and motherhood, leadership, building your personal brand and managing stress.
Originally launched in the UK on International Women’s Day in 2022, the app was created by RISE, Wunderman Thompson UK’s women’s network, and was born from a desire to create a self-serve platform to form connections and support Wunderman Thompson’s women who account for 50% of the agency.
In the UK, Magpie engaged 50% of the agency’s women in the first week alone, with 20% continuing to use the app each week to connect with a mentor.

Those who have been mentored on the app are already returning the favour, with growing interest in becoming a mentor and a 15% increase in mentor sign ups since launch.
The app was awarded the accolade of ‘Best Talent Development Initiative’ in 2022. Magpie has since been expanded to all Wunderman Thompson UK’s talent.
After a successful pilot scheme across the agency’s APAC offices, Magpie will launch to the region’s talent on 8th March, supporting their women’s network Ladybirds, which aims to strengthen representation and gender parity across the region through networking, mentoring, events and knowledge sharing.

Wunderman Thompson 
Lindsay Shirley, chief people officer for Wunderman Thompson APAC, said: “As senior leaders, we have an obligation to mentor and support women to build their careers and thrive at Wunderman Thompson. Many women have wanted a mentor but not known where to find one, Magpie has helped us bridge that gap and we’re thankful to RISE UK for it.”
Supria Dutta, head of talent for Wunderman Thompson APAC and Ladybirds member, said: “We are excited to bring Magpie to our region on International Women’s Day. This unique peer mentorship app has the potential to build bridges between women on all levels and potentially open doors for active sponsorship.”
Evie Nagy, senior account manager and co-lead of RISE at Wunderman Thompson UK, said: “Having seen the success of Magpie in the UK, it only seems fitting that Magpie is spreading its wings once again this IWD.
“It’s been great to connect with our teams in APAC, and learn about their specific mentoring needs, and how Magpie can help.
“I’m immensely proud of what we’ve achieved with Magpie and how its aided in women’s career and personal development. As we said last year, it’s only the start as we have exciting plans for the year to come.”
Magpie’s expansion across APAC is the first step in a wider plan to offer access to the app across Wunderman Thompson’s 20,000-strong global network.
The Magpie branding was devised by senior creatives Charli Plant and Laura Saraiva.
Explaining the idea behind the name the team said: “The Magpie platform lets our talent steal pieces of shiny advice from lots of different people, with different experiences across the agency. And for the superstitious amongst us, it just so happens that two magpies together bring good luck and joy!”

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