Wunderman Thompson announces launch of its AI creative testing solution

Wunderman Thompson - Reveal

David Lloyd: “Reveal is a game changer for creative testing”

Wunderman Thompson has announced the launch of Reveal, a complete AI creative testing solution that helps brands evaluate their advertising and brand assets. Reveal is the latest example on how the agency is embedding AI across its global network.

Reveal was developed by Wunderman Thompson’s team of data specialists and technologists and is a proprietary product that uses the latest AI techniques to measure consumers’ attention and emotional responses to brand content through real-world environments. 

The product implements an AI-powered emotions detection model developed by Wunderman Thompson, which can predict seven micro-expressions (anger, disgust, fear, happy, neutral, sad, surprise). By observing participants micro-expressions and changes in muscle movement in the face, which are involuntary and authentic, and map the changes to emotional states using computer vision and machine learning algorithms, this cutting-edge technology can accurately assess emotional reactions to brand content in real-time. 

Reveal provides insights into how consumers react to branded content on a second-by-second and frame-by-frame basis, pinpointing the emotional highs and lows and identifying the moments that capture and hold their attention, engage them in the story, and create emotional connections. The tool can also detect the objects that consumers look at in the content and measure how much attention they pay to them. 

As a result, brands can test different video edits, headlines, images, copy, and more, to understand what works best for the target audience and optimize their creative communications and foster deeper connections with their target audience. The process is consent based and no personal data is stored beyond the time required for analysis. 

David Lloyd, managing director of Data, EMEA at Wunderman Thompson said: “Reveal is a game changer for creative testing. Not only because it allows brands to test a larger audience, faster, and more cost-effectively than traditional methods, but it also delivers a far richer understanding of how to improve the creative performance of branded content, based on the data and insights collected.”

The launch comes as part of Wunderman Thompson’s ambition to embed AI across the network’s capabilities, giving brands the opportunity to unleash their inspiration by helping them to uncover new insights about their customers, to develop and design breakthrough products and services, and deliver transformative business solutions at scale. 

Alex Steer, global chief data officer at Wunderman Thompson added: “Scaling AI is a team sport and requires team spirit. Over the last few years, we’ve built a global data and AI practice; formed a Creative Data Group to transform how we approach creativity for clients; and set up a cross-disciplinary team to drive scalable AI innovation through our core business.

“Every week, we’re seeing more and more opportunities to apply leading technologies into the integrated capability set of our agency, across creative, brand strategy, production, experience, commerce, and CRM.”

Reveal is the latest addition to Wunderman Thompson’s suite of proprietary products which includes: Brand Guardian, an AI driven platform that gives marketing, creative and production teams total content quality assurance at scale; ShelfMaster, a solution that allows brands to push the limits of their digital shelf by helping them adapt their content to every channel on which they sell; and Loom, a content intelligence solution that uses unified audience, content, and performance data to answer critical questions that will sharpen brands’ content planning and strategies. 

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