WTFN expands team and launches digital content business, Radar MCN


Radar MCN recently acquired the YouTube Affiliate CMS status

Television producer WTFN Entertainment has launched a new division to support its growing digital content network.

Radar MCN, headquartered in Melbourne and with an office in the UK, will bring together a network of owned channels with millions of subscribers across YouTube, Facebook and Snap, as well as a series of global FAST Channels.

The network, which includes the TV series Bondi Vet, generates over 100 million views per month and will expand in 2023 with channel launches in the history, food and design space.

Radar MCN’s general manager Derek Dyson said that unlocking the potential of WTFN’s owned library of content is just the start. “While we’ve managed to extract enormous value out of our existing content library, building channels supported by sustainable content models is our major priority.

“Now, we are keen to grow our partner base worldwide with production companies, content creators and other rights owners keen to not get left behind in this growing market.”

Dyson leads a team of 10, with Wildbrain’s Bo Yee Leung joining this month as Radar’s new senior digital rights lead.

Yee Leung will sit in the UK team alongside head of channels Hannah Hopes, also a former Wildbrain and Endemol employee, responsible for launching and growing the Mr Bean Facebook channel, which has over 130 million subscribers.

Chiara Ronci will continue as channel manager and joined the team in 2022 from Warner Bros., where she managed YouTube channels such as Super Nanny and Harry Potter Wizarding World.

Radar MCN recently acquired the YouTube Affiliate CMS status, allowing it to manage third parties’ rights and channels.

Additionally, Radar MCN has partnered with several emerging and established content creators.

“Getting the YouTube Affiliate Status is a game-changer for us. There are less than 50 businesses worldwide with that tool, which combined with our production and traditional broadcast distribution capabilities, makes us pretty unique in the space,” Dyson said.

“Our proposition is simple. We make you money while you sleep by extracting previously untapped revenue from existing rights. We’ll also track down others pirating your content and get your money back there as well,” he added.

Amongst the new partners are YouTuber creators such as Oceanliner Designs, which has quadrupled its audience since partnering with Radar MCN.

“We’ve achieved almost exponential growth from that channel since we started. It was a fantastic channel before but with our strategic support and additional resourcing, its commercial performance is now off the charts,” Dyson said.

Top image: Derek Dyson, Bo Yee Leung, Hannah Hopes

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