We have a date – almost! Kyle and Jackie O set to launch in Melbourne

Kyle and Jackie O radio ratings

The announcement comes in the middle of the second survey period of the year.

Despite industry reports that the Kyle & Jackie O show would be starting its stint on Melbounre radio today, KIIS 101.1 breakfast is still being held down by Byron Cooke  – who originally promised that the pair would be on air “soon.”

The biggest question in Australian radio is set to be answered next week, with Cooke revealing that Kyle and Jackie O will officially give the date they’re expanding south to Melbourne on Tuesday 12 March. They’ll be giving the city all the details at 8am.

The announcement comes smack in the middle of the second survey period of the year, with the first set of radio ratings to be released on Thursday 14 March.

Sandilands previously spoke about the Melbourne launch after the duo made the move from their North Ryde studios into new facilities in North Sydney. 

“I told the management of the network, when you move us into the new studios,” he said, going on to describe the North Sydney building as “the greatest radio studio ever built.”

This was the show’s last week in North Ryde, with the pair testing the new studios ahead of their move next week. 

Elsewhere in Melbourne, Jase & Lauren – who were axed from KIIS 101.1 to make room for Kyle & Jackie O – began their stint on new home Nova on Friday morning. 

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Succeeding in Melbourne

After survey eight last year, Mediaweek asked ARN’s chief content officer Duncan Campbell what the show will have to do to succeed in Melbourne.

“What Christian O’Connell has proved is that it’s about the content and not necessarily about where you’re from,” he said.

The challenge is about changing perceptions in Melbourne – we’ve done some research that shows perceptions of the show are based on the shock jock era, it’s not the show that people think it is. It’s an improved show, the content is very strong.

“We will have the ability to do localised breaks if a big story breaks in Melbourne, and there will be split news bulletins and local information. We don’t have to modify the show much at all, really. It’s the promos and imaging for the Melbourne audience versus the Sydney audience, that’s where the difference will be.”

Chemist Warehouse is set to expand its current alignment with the brand and become the foundation partner for the show’s first year in Melbourne. This was confirmed last year alongside the record-breaking contract renewal, keeping the duo on air with the network until the end of 2034.

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