VOZ on track for 2024 launch, entering final adoption phase

Voz Karen Halligan

The third and final phase of broader industry adoption is now underway.

Virtual Australia (VOZ) has entered the final phase of the journey towards becoming Australia’s reporting standard and trading currency in 2024.

The third and final phase of broader industry adoption is now underway. In the coming months media agencies will begin to embed the VOZ database in their systems and workflows, so that the industry will be ready to transact on a Total TV basis next year.

The final stage builds on progress since the first phase was completed in May 2023 and as the second phase now concludes.

The first phase saw the release of daily next-day Overnight data; delivery of the Quarter Hour audience files (QHFs) on which broadcasters and media agencies transact; and publication of Total TV program ranking and audience reach reports on the VirtualOz.com.au website.

The second phase ensures that third-party software suppliers (TPSS), who are building the analytical software needed to process the VOZ dataset can achieve VOZ Gold Standard accreditations. OzTAM has provided VOZ Gold Standard requirements to the following TPSS developers: Broadcast Map, Day 8, Nielsen L&J, and Tech Edge.

OzTAM CEO, Karen Halligan, said: “Australia is the only country in the world that has a product like VOZ, with fully integrated linear and BVOD measurement for both content and commercials. VOZ Total TV, that has been conceived, developed and built in Australia, delivers the clearest picture of viewing on all screen types than has ever been possible.

“Bringing VOZ Total TV to market has been a complex and technically challenging proposition, and there is genuine excitement in the industry that we have reached the final stage of this journey.

“We’d like to thank our TPSS partners who have been collaborative and committed to bringing VOZ software to market and on the road to gaining full Gold Standard certification. Similarly, we are also grateful to our Regional TAM colleagues for their collaborative approach to constructing VOZ, and to the Media Federation of Australia (MFA) and member agencies for their consistent support, constructive input and advocacy as VOZ takes flight.

“VOZ will also be a gamechanger in informing de-duplicated Total TV campaign reach and frequency post-analysis within the forthcoming VOZ Streaming solution for enhanced, multi-broadcaster programmatic BVOD trading next year.”

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VOZ capabilities

The benefits predicted for the full rollout will include providing the clearest picture of broadcast viewing on all screens, inside and outside of homes.

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