Vogue Australia unveils new look website

“Vogue Australia now shares a common visual narrative with other Vogue’s around the world”

Vogue Australia has unveiled a new look website across mobile and desktop which includes a mobile-first approach that provides the Vogue Australia audience with a fast, clean site that rewards engagement and scrolling.

Now live, the new vogue.com.au has been designed to bring a premium, elegant digital experience to its audience that makes Vogue Australia’s content and imagery shine.

Vogue Australia editor-in-chief Edwina McCann said: “As part of Vogue Australia’s 60th anniversary celebrations this year we are investing in the future of our brand, our content and importantly our customers. With the launch of the all new vogue.com.au we are providing our audience with a beautiful and enriched website that moves us in to our next decade.

“We worked closely with Conde Nast International on the redesign, utilising elements of their new, global design system for the Vogue brand.

“As a result, Vogue Australia now shares a common visual narrative with other Vogue’s around the world including Vogue Paris, Vogue Germany and British Vogue. Australia is the first licenced market in the world to adopt the new Vogue style.”

News Prestige Network general manager of digital Stuart Fagg said: “We want to ensure our audience has the very best experience when consuming Vogue Australia, on whatever channel they choose – in the magazine, at an event, on social, on our owned platforms or on Apple News. With this new site, we are lifting the bar for that owned digital experience.”

Vogue VIP, Vogue Australia’s new membership program, and Vogue Australia’s award-winning events have been integrated into the new site to ensure the brand’s audience gets access to the Vogue experience across channels.

For advertisers there are more brand and content integration options than ever before, and new high-impact premium ad placements.

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