VMO unveils its new brand positioning as it celebrates its 20th birthday

VMO - Paul Butler

“Outdoor Done Differently is a position that speaks true to our past and connects to our future”

VMO has unveiled its new identity and brand positioning, Outdoor Done Differently, to celebrate its 20th birthday.

Outdoor Done Differently is at the core of the digital media company’s DNA and speaks to its strategic vision since its inception in 2003. The new branding demonstrates it has delivered a competitive advantage for partners through data, innovation, and creative solutions.

Paul Butler, managing director of VMO, said: “Since the start, we’ve been a pioneer and a trendsetter in the outdoor space, doing things differently not for the sake of being different, but because it makes a difference. From being one of the earliest digital outdoor companies to launching our ground-breaking audience measurement tool DART and being the trailblazer for programmatic outdoor in Australia.

“Our team is empowered to express creativity and embrace their entrepreneurial spirit, pushing the boundaries with innovative screen technologies and client solutions. As a result, we continue to challenge the market, operators, and agencies to think differently about outdoor media.

“Outdoor Done Differently is a position that speaks true to our past and connects to our future and it will propel us into the next 20 years and beyond,” he added.

Paul MacGregor, director of strategy and marketing, said: “And it’s so much more than just a tagline. Crafted through a series of collaborative team workshops, I love how our Outdoor Done Differently positioning is a homegrown line that captures the true essence of the business in three simple words. Our new identity is bright, personable, unmistakable, and impossible to ignore. Just like our screens.”

The digital media company developed the new positioning and persona in collaboration with design and communications company Rodeo.

VMO launched its new positioning at its 20-year birthday party celebration on Thursday, hosting over 400 agency partners and clients at the Museum of Contemporary Art at The Rocks in Sydney.

The event opened with a Welcome to Country and performance, before CEO of The HOYTS Group and VMO, Damian Keogh and VMO managing director Butler took to the stage to welcome the attendees, share a snapshot of VMO’s 20-year journey and the bright plans ahead for the business, before revealing the new brand positioning.

Headlining the entertainment was Australian electronic hip-hop duo, Hermitude, with Carolina Gasolina and VMO’s very own DJ Impact performing as the supporting acts of the evening.

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