Victoria’s TAC and Clemenger BBDO launch myth-busting campaign: “Drink Driving: Stop Kidding Yourself”

VIC Transport Accident Commission (TAC) & Clemeneger BBDO - Drink Driving Stop Kidding Yourself Campaign

Richard Williams: “There is no grey area.”

Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission (TAC) has partnered with Clemenger BBDO to launch a new campaign titled “Drink Driving: Stop Kidding Yourself.” The initiative seeks to dispel prevalent myths associated with drink driving and encourages drivers to consciously separate drinking from getting behind the wheel.

Statistics reveal that 41% of Victorian drivers admit to driving after consuming alcohol. Moreover, one in five drivers killed on the state’s roads surpasses the 0.05 BAC limit. The choice to drive is often rooted in the misguided beliefs that it’s okay to drink so long as you have paced yourself, stayed hydrated, or have eaten a substantial meal.

The campaign has been launched across TV, online video, cinema, OOH, social, digital and radio, to reach all drivers in Victoria. It will run until until 31 January 2024, with media via OMD.

The campaign’s focal point is a hero film featuring a confident 30-something male listing rules he follows to stay under the 0.05 BAC limit. As the list unfolds, it becomes apparent that these rules are mere myths. The campaign strategically targets males, given their overrepresentation in drink driving instances.

Tracey Slatter, CEO of TAC, emphasised the pivotal nature of the campaign as the summer and festive season gets underway, stating, “This campaign is a timely reminder to Victorians that drinking and driving don’t mix. We want to embrace a culture where driving after drinking any alcohol is not considered normal.”

“Many people think they can manage their blood-alcohol level by following a set of vague rules handed down through generations, but the only way to avoid the risk entirely is to completely separate drinking and driving.’

Richard Williams, executive creative director at Clemenger BBDO, added, “This campaign is about changing an ingrained community behaviour. It’s about debunking myths, and most importantly it’s about reminding drivers that there is no grey area – if you drink, don’t drive.”

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