Val Morgan Outdoor adds Zap Fitness Gym Network to media offering

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• Val Morgan Outdoor has added Fitness and Lifestyle Group’s Zap Fitness gyms to media network

Val Morgan Outdoor (VMO) has acquired Fitness and Lifestyle Group’s Zap Fitness gym network.

Zap Fitness joins Fitness First, Goodlife, Anytime Fitness, Fernwood, Belgravia Leisure Centres, City Fitness, select Club Lime clubs, and Jetts Fitness across the VMO Active network which comprises over 4000 screens across more than 1100 locations nationwide. Zap Fitness is the final piece of Fitness and Lifestyle Group’s gym networks that VMO plans to secure and will see 162 high quality 100% digital screens added to the network across 54 Zap Fitness locations.

Over the last two years, VMO’s Active network has grown exponentially across the nation, capturing 1.35 million Australians every week.

Anthony Deeble, chief commercial officer of the Hoyts Group and VMO said, “Over the last two years, VMO has been dedicated to expanding its media footprint across the health and wellness sector and we’re thrilled to now have Zap Fitness as part of the Active network. We’re committed to ensuring our Active network is built to deliver audiences on a mass scale, giving advertisers an unmatched opportunity to connect with positive, action-oriented Australians across this key environment.”

“VMO’s incredibly high-quality digital screens seamlessly integrate and enhance the environments of our health club networks, including Zap Fitness, which was such an important aspect for Fitness and Lifestyle Group. Working with VMO has been such an effortless experience, with the team going above and beyond to ensure the best screen solutions were identified for each location across our networks” comments Andy Chamoun, general manager of Fitness and Lifestyle Group.

After a lengthy hiatus, health clubs across New South Wales and Victoria have re-opened their doors, with gym-goers eager to return to their pre-lockdown routines. VMO’s 100% privacy compliant audience measurement tool, DART, has captured this firsthand, with audience numbers spiking to near pre-lockdown levels across both states since reopening, giving advertisers the confidence that these highly valuable audiences are back within this key environment.

Paul Butler, managing director of Val Morgan Outdoor, said, “After a tumultuous year of on-and-off lockdowns, it’s no surprise that audience numbers are on the rise across New South Wales and Victoria, as people look to readjust their lives, and return to their health and fitness routines. Members across this space are highly engaged, often in extremely receptive mind frames, making it the perfect environment for brands to capture attention and connect with key audiences.”

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