Val Morgan announced the integration NEOs as a planning segment on CineTAM Live

Val Morgan - Dr Ross Honeywill and Paul Butler

The new NEO segment within CineTAM Live provides the ability to reach high-spending consumers across cinema

Val Morgan has announced the integration of Australia’s most valuable consumers – NEOs – as a planning segment within cinema audience measurement platform CineTAM Live.

Launched in 2013 and regarded as the world’s most advanced cinema audience data platform, CineTAM Live fuses box office admissions, exhibitor membership data and Roy Morgan Single Source to unlock a deeper understanding of cinema audiences and provide audience segmentation to inform campaign planning.

The new NEO segment within CineTAM Live provides brands with the ability to reach these high-spending consumers across cinema and fine-tune campaigns aimed specifically at NEO audiences.

Social scientist Dr Ross Honeywill developed the NEO consumer typology, an innovative population classification of premium, high-spending consumers. Within Australia, there are 5 million NEOs (24% of the population 14+).

Since its development in the early 2000s, the NEO consumer mindset has become a widely adopted value-creation asset to national and global brands.

Dr Honeywill said: “The NEO mindset uses data science and neuroscience to reveal spending propensity across all categories and the psychology underpinning it.

“For example, the 5 million Australians with a NEO mindset account for 68 cents in every retail dollar spent, and this Christmas, they are forecast to spend 2.6 times more than Australia’s 10 million non-NEOs.

“NEOs are 30% more likely than the average Australian to go to the movies – over the past year, 71% of NEOs visited a cinema compared to 54% of the population as a whole. And they drove the dramatic resurgence of cinema post-COVID.

“I congratulate Val Morgan for this remarkable initiative to make NEOs available to advertisers hungry for such an engaged premium audience.”

Paul Butler, director of insights and analytics, Val Morgan added: “Through the work we’ve done with Premiumisation Partners and Roy Morgan it’s clear that NEOs have a universal affinity with Cinema, with this highly valuable segment over-indexing across all film genres, from the biggest blockbusters right through to niche and discerning titles.

“Cinema is a proven driver of trends and conversation, magnified by the shared collective experience and unrivalled levels of attention. This makes it an unparalleled platform for brands to consistently engage with this coveted audience at scale and leave a lasting impact week in week out.”

Val Morgan is also working with Premiumisation Partners and Roy Morgan to develop NEO location targeting in cinema, identifying geographical hot spots NEO GEOs to create tailored sales opportunities for brands.

To launch the planning segment and new geotargeting capability, Val Morgan and Premiumisation Partners hosted exclusive events in Sydney and Melbourne, where Dr Honeywill presented a deep dive on the NEO consumer mindset and revealed how cinema is a high-demand media channel to reach, engage and motivate NEOs.

Paul MacGregor, director of Strategy and Marketing at Val Morgan, provided data on how NEOs consume content in cinema and how to reach them consistently at scale through blockbusters, NEO GEOs, and premium cinema-going experiences.

Top image: Dr Ross Honeywill and Paul Butler

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