Val Morgan Digital signs advertising partnership with BDG in Australia and New Zealand

Val Morgan Digital

BDG will represent Bustle and Inverse in the Australian and New Zealand market

Val Morgan Digital has signed a multi-year advertising partnership with BDG to represent Bustle and Inverse in the Australian and New Zealand market.
Val Morgan Digital has built a suite of thriving media brands powered by the communal passion of its audiences. Bustle and Inverse both deliver communal passion in spades and are perfect complements to increase the potency of its digital network.
Bustle and Inverse are two of the world’s most trusted global media brands, with both platforms reaching millions of millennial and Gen Z audiences.
Bustle delivers joyful, inclusive, and relatable stories for women, with topics spanning fashion, beauty, politics, technology, wellness and more.
Inverse motivates the next generation to build a better world and get excited about the future, covering innovation, science, technology, gaming, Web3 and entertainment.

Amanda Bardas, publisher of Val Morgan Digital, said: “We have successfully cultivated a suite of thriving media brands that are fired by the intense affection people have for the content we create about the things that are core to who they are and want to be. I’m excited to add two of the world’s most respected and well-loved brands to our portfolio, that will bolster our content offering.”
Jason Wagenheim
, president and chief revenue officer, BDG, commented: “Val Morgan Digital’s successful track record in the Australian and New Zealand market allows us to further expand our global presence. Inverse and Bustle are already reaching millions of readers and consumers in the area, and we are excited to deepen our roots with the leading brands and advertisers in the market through this strategic partnership.”
Brian Florido
, managing director of Val Morgan Digital, added: “We believe passion-based communities are the future. We know that the passion that fuels our business can be harnessed by the brands of Australia, flywheeling them to new heights of success as they embrace the unbridled enthusiasm of Bustle and Inverse, adding power and breadth to the communities within our network.”
The partnership with BDG allows Val Morgan Digital to dominate the women’s lifestyle space, with POPSUGAR and Bustle sharing a communal passion to enrich the lives of progressive women through modern ideas.
The inclusion of Inverse along with The Latch allows us to speak to enlightened citizens who share a communal passion to know more about what’s happening today and how that helps shape tomorrow.”
Val Morgan Digital will represent Bustle and Inverse in Australia and New Zealand from February 1, 2023, with Optus as confirmed launch partner. Bustle and Inverse will add over 1.5 million readers to the VMD network.

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