TV ratings Week 48 2021: Nine makes its mark with final survey week win

lego masters

Lego Bricksmas and $1m prize help Nine’s final week leadership

TV ratings

TV ratings

Seven overnights Week 48

18.3% primary share, 28.1% network share

Seven lifted its primary share week-on-week, but it wasn’t quite enough to topple Nine in the final TV ratings survey week of the year.

The channel’s best results for the week were Seven News weekdays and the Sunday night Adele One Night Only, the latter climbing into the top 10.

Home and Away was a weeknight workhorse with its final episodes of the year averaging 523,000.

The penultimate Friday new episode of Better Homes and Gardens for the year was on 440,000.

The Big Brother VIP Finale disappointed with 311,000.

Total TV Week 46

Home and Away managed to take its total audience to 1,117,000. The BVOD number was up slightly week-on-week – from 134,000 to 142,000.

TV ratings

Nine overnights Week 48

19.8% primary share, 29.1% network share

The primary channel and network shares both grew by 1.0 week-on-week which kept Nine ranked #1 in both.

The biggest hit after the weekday News was the Lego Masters Bricksmas Special which saw Hamish Blake and his celebrity builders draw a crowd of 804,000.

Another Christmas special, but with a smaller crowd, was The Hundred with Andy Lee which was on 395,000.

An episode of Millionaire Hot Seat that was rebranded Million Dollar Hot Seat gave away the ultimate prize with 429,000 watching.

A Current Affair had a bigger week with 635,000 after 617,000 a week ago.

Not quite reaching half a million during the week were Travel Guides (485,000), 60 Minutes (470,000) and RBT (456,000).

Total TV Week 46

The final of The Block reached a very impressive 3,000,000 for the Winner Announced segment. The rest of the Grand Final episode did well too with 2,435,000.

The episode of 60 Minutes that followed The Block Grand Final had an audience of 1,169,000 which must be close to the best for the year.

Two episodes of Parental Guidance also performed well that week with Monday on 1,062,000 and then Tuesday on 999,000.

Celebrity MasterChef

10 Overnights Week 48

10.5% primary share, 16.8% network share

The Winner Announced segment of Celebrity MasterChef Australia did very well with 805,000 with the rest of that Grand Finale on 700,000.

The Dog House Australia also managed a top 20 finish for the week with 535,000.

The Grand Finale of The Bachelorette was disappointing with 439,000 and 361,000 for the decider episode.

The 7pm half of The Project also had a low average for the week with 366,000, although it was up marginally on 358,000 week-on-week. That makes it three successive weeks well under 400,000.

Total TV Week 46

Have You Been Paying Attention? was again the star performer with 1,084,000. Gogglebox and The Dog House Australia both managed to make it over 900,000.

TV ratings

ABC Overnights Week 48

12.1% primary share, 17.3% network share

ABC News on weekdays at 7pm was just over 600,000 while the Sunday bulletin was just under.

Australian Story was next best with 552,000, ahead of Gruen on 533,000, Hard Quiz on 522,000 and 7.30 with 515,000.

The Friday appearance of one of just three new Endeavour episodes was on 472,000.

Total TV Week 46

Hard Quiz was again over 1m with Gruen and Four Corners both over 900,000.

SBS Overnights Week 48

4.8% primary share, 8.7% network share

A repeat of Great American Railroad Journeys did best, just falling short of 200,000.

Tony Robinson’s World By Rail was on 191,000 with Inside Balmoral and Scotland’s Sacred Islands both on 186,000.

Total TV Week 46

Coastal Devon & Cornwall with Michael Portillo and Great American Railroad Journeys both pushed above 300,000.

Filling out the rest of the top five were Inside Central Station on 239,000, Britain’s Most Historic Towns on 235,000 and Michael Palin in North Korea with 230,000.

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