TV Ratings October 19, 2021: The Block #1 as budget pressures rise

the block

• Dog House Australia improves on its launch audience

Total TV Ratings for October 5 2021

The Block was the top non-news program in the total TV ratings with 1.468m after increasing its overnight TV ratings by 25%. The episode saw the teams blow up about the number of tradies at Kirsty and Jesse‘s house (48!) as everyone continued to work on their backyard and pools.

Love Island Australia continues to be a BVOD darling with a sensational increase of 90%, bringing its final audience to 701,000.

The finale of SAS Australia had 1.235m after increasing by 30%. The episode saw Sam Burgess be the only recruit that passed the course. Also on Seven, Home and Away had 1.171m an increase of 20%.

The premiere of Dog House Australia had 839,000, increasing its audience by 20%.

October 12 Overnight TV Ratings

• Nine wins the night thanks to ACA, The Block and Love Island
• SAS Australia: Hell Week sends three more recruits home

Primetime News
Seven News 1,010,000/946,000
Nine News 967,000/946,000
ABC News 676,000
10 News First 319,000 (5:00pm)/ 220,000 (6:00pm)
SBS World News 159,000 (6:30pm) 131,000 (7:00pm)

Daily current affairs
A Current Affair 706,000
7.30 482,000
The Project 292,000 (6:30pm)/484,000 (7:00pm)
The Drum 181,000

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 260,000
Today 247,000
News Breakfast 193,000

Late News
Nine News 102,000
The Latest 72,000
ABC Late News 60,000
SBS World News Late 50,000


Nine has continued its winning surge in the backend of 2021. The broadcaster had the #1 primary channel with 22.2% last night and was also the top network with 30.9%.

A Current Affair had a strong audience of 706,000. The episode included a report on the risks caused by unvaccinated people ahead of the Queensland border reopening before Christmas.

The Block was once again the top non-news show of the evening with 928,000. In the episode, Kirsty and Jesse feared they may have to sack their landscaper when they realise they won’t have enough money to pay him for Front Garden Week. The couple was severely in the red after Backyard Week, leaving Kirsty in tears wondering how they will finish the entire build. The teams went to Point Leo Estate with hopes of winning a much needed $5,000 in a glass blowing challenge but viewers will have to wait till tonight to find out the result.

Love Island then followed with 295,000 viewers.


Home and Away got things off the ground with a solid rating of 556,000.

SAS Australia: Hell Week then aired its second episode, which brought in an audience of 366,000. The remaining recruits struggled with the mice plague, a lack of sleep, basic rations and the cold making it difficult to cope. Their first task was the Ladder Troop Extraction and most recruits were unable to successfully complete the daunting climb. With so many failures, the DS asked recruits to nominate the weakest among them, with youth worker Beck, teacher Kellie and influencer Lisa getting singled out as the weakest links. The three women were each put in charge of teams for a punishing tyre haul race along a rugged, four-kilometre bush track. Both Lisa and Kellie struggled with the brutal test of endurance and chose to VW, sacrificing themselves in a state of confusion and exhaustion for the good of their teams.

In the cold water conditioning test, which saw them submerge their bodies into a freezing ice bath time and time again, in a relentless late-night beasting, Beck buckled under the pressure and handed in her number.


The Project had 292,000 (6:30pm) and 484,000 (7:00pm) as the show discussed the federal government’s last-ditch efforts to get The Nationals on board with net-zero emissions by 2050.

Dog House Australia then aired its second episode, with 507,000 tuning in. The episode was up on last week’s 480,000.

Cheap Seats then followed with 368,000.


The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury had 398,000 viewers as the episode took viewers to the glamourous Santorini.

Big Deal then aired its first episode. The show is presented by comedian Christiaan Van Vuuren and directed by Craig Reucassel, the ABC’s new two-part series tackles the influence of Australia’s billion-dollar political lobbying industry. The episode had 289,000 viewers.


The top program on SBS last night was a repeat of Great American Railway Journeys which had 218,000 viewers. It was followed closely by Insight with 211,000.

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