TV ratings October 15, 2023: Scotty and The Block land Nine a big Sunday victory

The Block

Natalie Barr leads Seven primetime with 7News Spotlight special

Total TV Ratings, October 8


Sunday night featured Seven’s The Voice Australia 2023 Grand Finale. The final four contestants, Ethan Beckton, Ezra Williams, Charlie Pittman and Tarryn Stokes, each performed a solo and a final song with their Superstar coaches. The Total TV national audience was 1,324,000 – an increase of 16% on the overnight numbers. This part of the final episode had a national BVOD audience of 141,000 (included in the 1.348m total). An audience of 1,348,000 also was watching The Voice Australia 2023 Grand Finale – Winner Announced. After Australia had voted, former backup singer and mum-of-two, Stokes was named the winner.


There was a shake-up in programming on Nine Sunday with 576,000 watching Australia v India at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. There was no episode of The Block on this Sunday due to the World Cup Cricket.


The BBC shows The Graham Norton Show late night Fridays, but here it’s an early prime proposition for 10. A Total TV audience of 255,000 saw guests with guests Bernie Taupin, Catherine Tate, Ashley Walters and Bill Bailey last week.


Overnight TV Ratings October 15

Primetime News
Seven News 857,000 (6.00 pm)
Nine News 745,000 (6.00 pm)
ABC News 572,000
10 News First 199,000 (5:00 pm)/ 158,000 (6:00 pm)
SBS World News 143,000 (6:30 pm)/ 108,000 (7:00 pm)

Daily Current Affairs
The Sunday Project 164,000 (6:30pm) / 214,000 (7pm)
Insiders 212,000 (90-minute extended episode)
The Drum: Voice Special 128,000

Breakfast TV
Weekend Today 166,000
Weekend Sunrise 214,000

Nine had a massive Sunday win off the back of The Block where Scott Cam and the team more than doubled the audience watching the nearest competition in the timeslot. Nine’s primary metro share was 28.6% which factored into a combined channel share of 37.4%.

Seven counted on 7News Spotlight early last night which led to a share of 17.3% and a combined channel share of 25.6%.

10 found it hard to compete at 7.30pm with The Graham Norton Show contributing to a primary channel share of 6.3%.

Nine: The Block ended its 10th week of competition with the five properties just two weeks away from completion. This week was the catchy Second Bathroom and Redo Room Week. The audience of 874,000 saw The Block judges Neale, Shaynna and Darren tour the last indoor spaces to be judged before its time for the outside areas.
60 Minutes followed with coverage including The Voice Referendum result and the Israel-Gaza conflict. An interview with Peter Dutton was featured, but the audience of 564,000 heard host Amelia Adams lament PM Anthony Albanese said “No” when Nine requested he join the program.
Nine News Late got to air just after 9.30pm with 352,000, not long after the final of the fictional The Newsreader wrapped on ABC.

Seven: A second consecutive 7News Spotlight Sunday special went to air, but this time securing the 7pm timeslot. Last week the subject was The Voice referendum. Last night the subject was Kathleen Folbigg with the program featuring an interview Sunrise co-host Natalie Barr had recorded. The audience was 343,000, down only a little from 396,000 a week ago. Seven’s breakfast show helped promote Barr’s primetime appearance last week with excerpts and a discussion about Folbigg and her release from jail after 20 years when new evidence led to the overturn of her sentence.
Seven’s Sunday episode of The Latest went to air just before 9pm and featured reporter Chris Reason dodging a rocket as he reported from Israel.

10: The Sunday Project featured and interview with a resident of a camp in northern Gaza and an update from 10 reporter Johnpaul Gonzo in Tel Aviv. Later in the episode the audience saw an interview with rocker Suzi Quattro ahead of her 39th tour of Australia. The audience was 214,000 after 7pm, down from 246,000 a week ago.
The Graham Norton Show got the 7.30pm slot. Guests included Dawn French and Laura Linney with music from The Sugababes. The audience of 139,000 saw the show sitting outside the top 20
US drama night followed with episodes of FBI (119,000) and NCIS: Hawai’i. (95,000)

ABC: It was largely a repeat drama night with one notable exception.
The evening started off with a repeat episode of Death in Paradise on 381,000.
The final episode of the second season of The Newsreader was the notable exception with 269,000 watching Dale host a marathon Australia Day 1988 coverage. The series ended with clarity about the future professionally and personally for Dale and Helen.
Repeat episodes of Mother and Son (95,000) and Annika (60,000) followed.

SBS: Viewers were taken into a Bermuda Triangle vortex with back-to-back episodes again of The Bermuda Triangle: Into Cursed Waters with 96,000 average for both. That was followed by the doco series Rebel with a Cause which last night featured Oodgeroo Noonuccal, the Aboriginal rights activist, poet, veteran, environmentalist and educator formerly known as Kath Walker.

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