TV Ratings October 10, 2023: Steph receives devastating news and two past contestants pay a visit to The Block

Steph and Gian The Block 2023

Two celebs VW and one medically withdraws on SAS Australia

• 1.3 million tuned in to The Block in Total TV
• 1.1 million watched the My Kitchen Rules Grand Finale in Total TV

Total TV Ratings, October 3

1,307,000 watched Nine’s The Block where Kristy “apologised” to Eliza and Liberty as Block dad, Scotty Cam watched on as mediator, up 36%.

1,151,000 viewed Seven’s Grand Finale of My Kitchen Rules as identical “Twindians” Radha and Prabha realised their dream of becoming MKR Championsup 24%.

979,000 saw Seven’s Home and Away as Justin’s life hung in the balance and Kirby fought the system, up 22%.

Overnight TV Ratings, October 10

Primetime News
Seven News 831,000 (6:00pm) / 846,000 (6:30pm)
Nine News 737,000 (6:00pm) / 717,000 (6:30pm)
ABC News 564,000
10 News First 188,000 (5:00pm)/ 111,000 (6:00pm)
SBS World News 129,000 (6:30pm)/ 96,000 (7:00pm)

Daily Current Affairs
A Current Affair 648,000
7.30 436,000
The Project 144,000 6:30pm / 222,000 7pm

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 203,000
Today 192,000
News Breakfast 140,000

Nine won Tuesday night with a primary share of 21.3%; however, Seven took out the top network share with 30.1%. 7Mate has won multi channels with a 3.4% share.

Nine’s A Current Affair (648,000) spoke to Thuy Lee, a hardworking mother of two who broke down while describing her treatment from one of Australia’s biggest banks. She lost nearly $42,000 from her business bank account in a matter of minutes. According to Lee, scammers hit her account while she was working and she was only notified by the bank 24 hours after the incident. Then, it was Block O’Clock as 657,000 tuned in to The Block. It’s now the final few weeks and this week our Blockheads are doing another guest bathroom plus a redo room. After their disastrous room reveal results, Kyle and Leslie were really struggling. Meanwhile, Steph and Gian were joined by Rachel and Ryan from last year’s season on their mini-getaway, before Steph received the devastating news her grandfather about to pass away. At a group hangout, the only pair missing were Kristy and Brett who are now well and truly on the outs after all the drama in previous weeks. Following this, it was time for a repeat of Space Invaders. 231,000 watched on as, for the first time, the team tackled two neighbouring homes that were jam-packed with clutter. 73,000 also tuned in to Love Triangle.

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466,000 began their evening in Summer Bay with Seven’s Home and Away as Mali put his foot down and Mackenzie uncovered a lie. Then, 458,000 watched SAS Australia. The 13 remaining celebrities faced a day of extreme training that claimed two voluntary withdrawals — Cassie Sainsbury and Lindy Klim — and one medical withdrawal — Boyd Cordner. During the task, Cordner suffered an excruciating pectoral tear before revealing the anguish of early retirement to thwart the onset of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). HMP: Behind Bars followed for 156,000, which took a look inside the prison that convicts dread being sent to, holding some of Britain’s most brutal men. Staff and ex-inmates reveal what it’s really like to live and work in HMP Long Lartin. 

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436,000 watched ABC’s 7.30 explore the efforts to display solidarity after the weekend’s terror attacks exposed deep rifts in Australia plus Sarah Ferguson interviewed Mustafa Barghouti and the program looked at a major “no” donor aiming to defeat the Voice who is an investor in Indigenous land ventures.. 321,000 then watched Take 5 with Zan Rowe where Noel Gallagher shared the five songs that helped him escape. From growing up in a council flat to his infamous exodus from Oasis, the rockstar revealed his softer side. Old People’s Homes for Teenagers followed for 309,000 where week two was all about brainpower! With a range of brain-boosting activities designed to strengthen the mind, the participants learned from one another. Australia After War was up next for 129,000.

On 10, The Project’s (144,000 6:30pm / 222,000 7pm) chatted to the latest celebrity to be unmasked on The Masked Singer Australia, Charlotte Crosby. She revealed the one rule she broke on the show and it was a biggie! The reality star revealed she had told a couple of her close friends… well, ten people to be exact! The program aslo took another in-depth look at how Israel is preparing for a large-scale ground offensive following Hamas’ attack. It came as the militant group threatened to kill hostages while the death toll increased. Shark Tank then followed for 227,000 as reusable film camera company 35MM CO received $300,000 for 17.5% equity and patented interconnecting earphone business, Nevabuds received $28,000 for a 49% stake in the business. Burleigh Wagon, an inbuilt esky, Bluetooth speaker with USB charging ports, and seats and seatbelts for children to ride on, secured a whopping $450,000 for 25% equity plus $10 royalty until the money was paid back. 291,000 then watched The Cheap Seats with Melanie Bracewell and Tim McDonald. They were joined by Mel Tracina, comedian Lizzy Hoo and gardening guru Costa Georgiadis.

The highest rating non-news show on SBS was a repeat of Who Do You Think You Are Australia with 153,000 tuning in to see actor and director Simon Baker discover his three-times great-grandfather on his mother’s side was an Irish orphan who became a pioneering eye surgeon, leaving an incredible legacy to this nation. 

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