TV Ratings May 24: Celebrity Apprentice’s 2nd episode slips behind MasterChef and Big Brother

celebrity apprentice

• HYBPA? beats out the 7:30pm shows to be #1 non-news

Primetime News
Seven News 1,124,000 (6 pm)/ 1,106,000 (6:30 pm)
Nine News is 1,004,000 (6 pm)/ 983,000 (6:30 pm)
ABC News 705,000
10 News First 377,000(5 pm)/ 294,000 (6pm)
SBS World News 167,000 (6:30 pm)/151,000 (7 pm)

Daily current affairs
A Current Affair 768,000
7:30 623,000
The Project 336,000 (6:30 pm)/524,000 (7 pm)
The Drum 179,000 

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 266,000
Today 216,000
News Breakfast 165,000


On Nine, A Current Affair was hosted by Leila McKinnon and featured a massive dog fight between pooch owners in a Kirribilli park. Reporter Steve Marshall usually doesn’t shy away from a confrontation, but this time he was trying to act as the peacekeeper. The episode did 768,000 after an average of 688,000 last week.

Celebrity Apprentice had 545,000 watch the regular episode before 611,000 tuned in for the final boardroom decision.

The episode put Sydney on the map as each team was tasked with offering a Big Bus tour and bespoke Sydney experience with the winner receiving $20,000 for their project managers charity. 

Team Fun-Raisers received a satisfaction rating of 87.8 per cent from their guests, while Team Momentum received 94.5 per cent, earning them immunity as well as $20,000 for David Genat’s charity The Garvan Institute.

In the boardroom project manager Camilla Franks was joined by Rob Shehadie and a shocked Ross Noble on the shortlist to be fired but Noble didn’t hold back.

“You’re in your little bubble … You’ve got a one-track mind and you don’t listen to anyone else. You live in Camilla world and everything is about you, your personality, your world,” Noble told Franks. “You are completely self-obsessed.”

Shehadie was the celeb sent home as Franks and Noble live to fight another day.

The season premiere of Emergency had 302,000 tune in to see the inner workings of the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Emergency department.

In the season premiere, Royal Melbourne Emergency’s Dr Emma called in reinforcements to save a mother whose life hangs in the balance after a high-speed car crash on a country road. Dr Mya and Nurse Ebony braced themselves as paramedics brought in a volatile man putting himself and staff at risk. Dr Jonathan’s patient had a shocking fracture after falling four metres off a ladder. And Dr Luke examined a man who had collapsed at home and suffered deep facial bruising, also after a fall. 

100% Footy aired in Sydney and Brisbane and started with memories of Bob Fulton including a tribute from Gus Gould. The episode had 45,000 viewers.

119,000 tuned in for Footy Classified which aired Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth and included a look at some of the AFL’s biggest stars and challenges they currently face.


Home and Away had 625,000 viewers last night before Big Brother followed with 591,000.

On Big Brother, Ari tried to put a target on Brenton’s back, spreading rumours the chef was a peanut butter thief, but only drew attention to his own sneaky ways.

In the challenge, Mitch and Marley teamed up to create the perfect balance, winning the nomination power and nominated rumour-monger Ari, Christina and safe vote Adriana.

But host Sonia Kruger had a surprise announcement at the eviction ceremony. Instead of voting to evict, the housemates would be voting to make someone the walking dead of Big Brother’s house.

Across the week, this “halfway housemate” will have one foot out the door, losing all privileges and the ability to compete in challenges or vote. Two other housemates will join the walking dead and one will be evicted by the end of the week.

Christina received the most votes and made her way to the panic room, her quarters for the week, where she will wait for the next walking dead housemate.  

This was then followed by 9-1-1 with 291,000 and then S.W.A.T with 164,000.


The Project had 336,000 (6:30pm) 524,000 (7pm) watch as the panel covered how Covid-19 has affected the dreams of Olympians, a rise in food allergies, the NSW police podcast shining a light on domestic violence.

MasterChef Australia had 603,000 viewers last night for the show’s invention test. The contestants had to choose from brown onion, broccoli, carrot, potato or zucchini to create an innovative dish.

Brent, Scott, Eric and Sabina now face elimination in the pressure test, after being chosen by the judges as the cooks with the weakest meals.

Have You Been Paying Attention? was the top non-news program last night with 731,000, beating out the 7:30pm tentpole programming. The show was also #1 in all key demos last night.

The episode featured the season debut of Urzila Carlson and stand-up comic and jazz enthusiast Lloyd Langford alongside favourites Melanie Bracewell, Sam Pang and Ed Kavalee.


Vaccination was a big subject on the channel last night starting with coverage on 7.30 again with 623,000 watching.

On Four Corners at 8.30pm Adam Harvey delivered a detailed look at Australia’s vaccination strategy, finding a few holes along the way. The episode was on 481,000 after 462,000 a week ago.

Elsewhere Australian Story did 556,000 at 8pm and Media Watch was on 477,000.


Nights of secrets at the channel with Secrets of the Tower of London on 122,000 at 7.30pm. It was followed by Secret Scotland with 187,000 at 8.30pm.

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