TV Ratings May 23: Young Sheldon, News and ACA give Nine a midweek win

Mediaweek editor James Manning looks at last night’s TV ratings.

• Nigella sees red in MasterChef team challenge as series is #1 again
• Nine wins the midweek war with 3 in top 5: News, ACA, Young Sheldon


Ash was back in the Bay on Summer Bay with the midweek episode on 696,000 after two nights of 690,000 and 662,000.

Work on Josh and Brandon’s “ultimate pad” continued, much of it happening during a heavy downpour. The episode did 682,000 after 651,000 a week ago.

Two episodes of Modern Family were let loose around 8.45pm and did 417,000 and 327,000.

Episode six of Back With The Ex and the couples were on the trip of a lifetime for the audience of 171,000.


After its primary channel slipped to third place on Tuesday night, Nine has moved back to top spot, now winning three of the four nights so far this week.

A Current Affair uncovered an insurance scandal amongst other things last night with 788,000 watching after two nights close to 900,000 and then 800,000.

Two episodes of Young Sheldon were rolled out after 7.30pm to audiences of 715,000 and 677,000.

Episode four of Britain’s Got Talent then did 522,000 after 516,000 a week ago.

An encore screening of Talkin’ ’Bout Your Generation was on 234,000 after 678,000 watched the Monday 7.30pm launch.


The Project turned into a stage show for its last 15 minutes with Anne Edmonds as fashion guru Helen Bidou creating havoc on the set before she stormed off. The Wednesday episode wasn’t to all tastes but did 570,000.

Nigella Lawson in MasterChef

A cafe takeover was the setting for the battle of the brunches in the midweek team challenge. Real customers, real orders and real dockets! Nigella Lawson helped the judges choose red as the winner, guided by team leader Aldo. After 762,000 watched the team challenge last week, last night’s challenge did 813,000. MasterChef was also the #1 show for the night again in the key demos.

Episode two of the new US drama Instinct then did 414,000 after launching on 428,000.

Vegas, Baby was the name of the This Is Us episode with 149,000 watching.


It was night 2 of Stargazing Live and the show was attempting to set a world record for the number of people stargazing at the same time. You need to be watching tonight when Dr Karl will reveal the result. After 463,000 on Tuesday, Stargazing was on 497,000 last night.

Gruen moved to 9pm with much about attracting 680,000 on board.

The Weekly followed after 9.30pm with 434,000, featuring Andrew Denton the very entertaining guest on Hard Chat.


Michael Mosley’s Secrets Of Your Food episode two was on 208,000 at 7.30pm.

Untold Australia followed Orthodox Chabad Rabbis on a road trip like no other with 203,000 watching.

Episode 12 of The Good Fight was the penultimate episode of season 2 and did 124,000.

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