TV Ratings June 7: Curtis Stone helps MasterChef Australia dominate the ratings

Mediaweek editor James Manning looks at last night’s TV ratings.

• MasterChef dominates ratings: Curtis Stone arrives, Brendan Pang departs
• Mick v Eddie: The Front Bar opens up an even bigger gap in Melbourne


Home and Away climbed back above 650,000 for its final episodes of the week.

House Rules screened in Sydney and Brisbane to 334,000.

All markets got Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell (190,000) and Kitchen Nightmares (306,000), but at different times.

The Front Bar had a three-market audience of 314,000, with 228,000 of them in Melbourne. At 9.15pm The Front Bar was close to 100,000 ahead of The Footy Show in Melbourne.

North Melbourne coach Brad Scott on The Front Bar


A Current Affair was back after Origin with 780,000.

RBT then did 559,000.

The Footy Shows had a network audience of 336,000. Nine didn’t want to start The NRL Footy Show early in Sydney. It went out at 9.30pm with just 62,000. The AFL Footy Show did 167,000 in Melbourne.


The Project did 501,000 at 7pm.

MasterChef featured a visit from Curtis Stone as he tasked the losing team from Wednesday with cooking the perfect steak. Sadly it was Brendan Pang who didn’t make the cut. The episode did 838,000, leading in virtually all measures.

The second week of Bodyhack 2.0 did 446,000 after launching a week ago with 537,000.


Grand Designs Australia did 508,000.

QI did 327,000.

Wentworth did 139,000.


Great British Railway Journeys did 259,000 at 7.30pm followed by Luke Nguyen’s Food Trail on 157,000 and then The Handmaid’s Tale on 242,000.

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