TV Ratings: Big Seven audience watches final Aussie exit the Aus Open

Mediaweek editor James Manning looks at last night’s TV ratings

Daria Gavrilova

Aussies and major seeds have been exiting the Australian Open regularly across the first eight days of the tournament.

Last night the final Australian player departed with the biggest tennis audience yet watching the night’s early evening coverage – 952,000. As well as seeing Gavrilova depart, viewers also saw Nadal win through to the quarter finals. It was also a cricket-free evening which also help boost the Seven numbers.

Seven’s share was 27.1% with a combined channel share of 35.6% which is close to 10 points ahead of Nine’s combined share of 25.7%.

With no Big Bash League, TEN was into single figures, just behind ABC on 10.5%.

Nine News was up over 1m with Peter Overton reading the news for a second night on the new Sydney news set. After Perth revealed its revamped news set last year, Nine News will also be broadcasting from new sets in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Leila McKinnon was fronting A Current Affair last night with 905,000 watching the Monday edition.

On the primary channel Nine screened RBT and then the movie Lethal Weapon 3 after 7.30pm.

Earlier in the day Nine broadcast the first one-hour edition of Millionaire Hot Seat with 405,000 at 5pm and then 625,000 after 5.30pm.

The Allan Border Medal was broadcast on GEM after 7.30pm with 83,000 watching.

TEN’s best was its 5pm TEN Eyewitness News with 562,000 and then The Project at 7pm on 544,000.

The much-anticipated return of Dee to Neighbours saw the Monday episode with 191,000 on ELEVEN.

Back Roads continues to work well for ABC with 627,000 securing it a spot in the top 10 alongside ABCNews and 7.30.

A repeat episode of Four Corners at 8.30pm made the top 20 with 343,000.

Michael Mosley‘s Trust Me I’m A Doctor was the most-watched for SBS with 277,000 after 7.30pm.

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