TV Ratings April 30: Did House Rules launch strategy hurt MKR?

Mediaweek editor James Manning looks at last night’s TV ratings

• Not quite biggest night of TV of the year, but Seven clear winner
• My Kitchen Rules final just short of 1.5m, pushes Seven to 29.1%
• House Rules debuts with 1.0m, did launch strategy hurt MKR?
• First Sunday outing for The Voice hits 1.2m despite MKR final
• TEN ready to enter battle with MasterChef returning tonight

Seven was promoting last night as the biggest TV night of the year. It’s a boast that has been made a couple of times this year. In terms of audience figures and channel shares it wasn’t quite the biggest night so far in 2017, but it went close.

Seven’s 29.1% winning primary share was its best since Monday April 17. Seven’s winning combined channel share of 36.9% was also its best since that night.

The Winner Announced segment of the My Kitchen Rules final was 1.48m, which is the biggest TV audience also since April 17 when 1.65m were watching that Monday MKR episode.

Nine stayed in touch with the leader for part of the evening with an audience of 1.19m watching The Voice.

TEN hasn’t had a Sunday share above 10% for seven weeks and they will be hoping this is behind them now with MasterChef returning five nights a week from tonight.


The channel was potentially playing with fire making the My Kitchen Rules audience wait until the launch episode of House Rules screened last night. However, the strategy seems to have worked with House Rules launching with 1.0m which is way better than 718,000 checking in for episode one last year.

However, it may have cost the My Kitchen Rules final a few viewers. The Winner Announced this year did 1.48m compared to 1.98m last year. The Grand Final episode did 1.39m compared to 1.82m last year.

Seven kept the House Rules launch episode short with a house demolition in front of the owners. Meanwhile judge Wendy Moore was joined by new judges Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen from the UK and Australian architect and builder Drew Heath.

On My Kitchen Rules siblings Amy and Tyson won $250,000 with another good cooking exhibition which saw them score 57 out of 60 with 10s from three judges including Pete Evans and then 9s from the remaining three judges. The all-Queensland final was held at Kitchen HQ with Valerie and Courtney not too far behind the victors with 52 out of 60 with scores of 9 from four judges.


The Voice managed to post a season high audience for its first Sunday night episode, no doubt helped a little by not having to go head-to-head with MKR from 7pm. The audience of 1.19m was close to 400,000 in both Sydney and Melbourne.

60 Minutes followed with the audience on 827,000, which was strong against MKR, and it was the biggest 60 Minutes audience since 887,000 on the first night of survey back in February.


Modern Family episodes managed 341,000 and 269,000.

The season final of Bondi Rescue did 330,000 at 6.30pm, preceded by Family Feud Sunday on 266,000.

At 8pm Bull was on 267,000.


The channel’s lowest Sunday share since January saw ABC News on 775,000.

Next best was the first episode of a new season of Grantchester with 556,000 watching, followed by a repeat of DCI Banks on 332,000.

Earlier in the night Doctor Who did 473,000.

The Rove-hosted Doctor Who post-show fan series Whovians did 104,000 on ABC2.


The doco Britain’s Pompeii was the channel’s best with 285,000 at 7.30pm.

Part one of the two-part doco repeat of Walt Disney did 220,000 at 8.30pm.

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