TV Guide: Survivor All Stars finale on 10 & 10 Play

The finale of Australian Survivor All Stars will air at 7:30 pm on Monday with $500k in prize money on the line as the three final contestants fight it out to be chosen on 10 and 10 Play.

On last Tuesday night’s Survivor: All Stars challenge beast Brooke was eliminated leaving SharnDavid and Moana as the shows final three, after 47 days out in Fiji.

Sharn is the only one to make it this far in the game before after losing to Shane Gould in season three, ironically Gould was the first tribe member eliminated in All Stars, followed closely by season two winner Jericho Malabonga. This means that whoever wins tonight will be a first-time winner of the series.

Who has gone home? And Who is on the Jury?

24 contestants returned to the game for a shot at being the All Stars Sole Survivor, in order of elimination:
Shane Gould
Jericho Malabonga
Daisy Richardson
Michelle Dougan
Henry Nicholson
Abbey Holmes
Lydia Lassila
John Eastoe
Mat Rogers
Phoebe Timmins
Felicity “Flick” Egginton
Nick Iadanza
Locklan “Locky” Gilbert (Jury)
Harry Hills (Jury)
Lee Carseldine (Jury)
Zach Kozyrski (Jury)
Jacqui Patterson (Jury)
Shonee Fairfax (Jury)
Aaron “A.K.” Knight (Jury)
Mark “Tarzan” Herlaar (Jury)
Brooke Jowett (Jury)

Who is left?

David – Season 4

The devious but much-loved Golden God returned for his second season of the show within 12 months, after getting blindsided last time with an idol in his pocket, this time around he used a refined game to make it to the final three.

Highlights of David’s gameplay includes running majority alliances on all three tribes while being the first Australian Survivor contestant to hold two immunity idols at once.

Moana – Season 3

Moana returned to All Stars after controversially leaving the game early in Season 3, Moana had unfinished business to settle and has played a subtle game as she maneuvered her alliance to get her within arms reach of the $500k.

The Key to Moana’s game was her alliance which was formed on day one which was originally was in the minority but she gained majority control after the tribal swap, and with David’s helped maintained it after the merge.

Sharn – Season 3

Straight talking and secret strategist, Sharn is hoping to do one better after coming second last time she played the game losing to Shane Gould.

She has once again played a social game often times playing both sides of rival alliances as she managed to stay alive each week, often eyeing a blindside for David with one last opportunity to eliminate the Golden God. The biggest moment of her game was convincing the minority alliance of AK, Brooke, and Shonee to not go to stones and to vote Jacqui out, promising her vote for the next tribal before reneging and remaining with her original alliance.

When and how to watch?

The finale will air at 7:30 pm on Monday and can be seen on Channel 10 or on-demand on 10 Play.

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