TV Guide: Snackmasters on Nine and 9Now


• Can you recreate the taste of the nation’s most loved snacks? 

In Nine’s new cook-off competition, Snackmasters, Australia’s greatest chefs will be given a challenge: can you recreate the taste of the nation’s most loved snacks? 

You’ll find out the answer after Snackmasters premieres Monday, November 29, at 7.30pm on Channel Nine and 9Now – a celebration of our love of famous chocolates and other delectable snackfoods. 

The only things Aussies love more than eating out are their favourite snacks – like the taste explosion of Twisties, the Christmas go-to gift, Cadbury’s Favourites, the summertime sensation of the Drumstick, and Australia’s own special burger, The Whopper. 

Can you get so close to recreating these super treats that a jury of the people who actually make them by the million every day can’t tell them apart from the real thing? That’s the great Snackmasters challenge. 

Join hosts Scott Pickett and Poh Ling Yeow as they put highly awarded chefs at the top of their game in a head-to-head battle to replicate famous Aussie snacks, plating up for an exacting jury from the snack-making factory itself. 

Meanwhile, viewers will get a sneak peek onto the factory floor to see how their scrumptious treats are meticulously made as the Food Detective, Yvie Jones, ex-Goggleboxer and committed sweet tooth, journeys deep within these factories to find the secrets that go into the creation of Australia’s favourite snacks and see where the chefs are getting it wrong – and right. 

Mediaweek spoke to Poh Ling Yeow and Yvie Jones about what they think makes the show so endearing. 

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Poh: “So many of the snacks have got such a huge history – the Crunchie is 95 years old, so there’s so much nostalgia in there. Above all it’s just a fun show. Everyone knows what a Twistie tastes like and should look like, so you can get on the bandwagon. Everyone loves to be an armchair expert.”

Yvie: “It’s so fascinating, every element of the show is fascinating. It starts with the snack, and you know the snack really, really well. The rest of the show then breaks it down – you’re as invested as the chefs are. Going through the factories is so interesting, I think people will love that just as much as the competition part of it.”

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