TV Guide: My Mum Your Dad finale on Nine and 9Now

My Mum Your Dad

The My Mum Your Dad 2022 finale airs tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now

Nine’s new dating show, My Mum Your Dad, wraps up its first season tonight at 7.30 pm on Channel Nine and 9Now.

Kate Langbroek presents the series about single parents looking for love the second time around. What they don’t know is their adult children are secretly guiding them through the perils of modern dating.

While this group of mums and dads are gathered at a luxury retreat, their kids have taken up residence in a remote bunker to watch their parents’ every move. Not only do they have their parents under surveillance, they also have a big hand in who they date as their parents navigate new territory in the hope of finding their “forever” match.

Kristy and Shane

Over the past few weeks, the kids have gone through different challenges for the power to determine who their parents go on a date with, and what they do on the date. These challenges involved hearing cringeworthy confessions about their parents, enduring spicy food and even an ice bath.

In the final episode, Langbroek will bring the parents and their children together for the ‘Blessing Ceremony’. Each final couple will hear from their children about whether they approve or disapprove of their relationship continuing in the outside world.

The final pairs going into the finale are Heath and Michelle, Darren and Petula, Shane and Kristy, and Roe and Carole.

Heath and Michelle

Mediaweek chatted to Langbroek ahead of the finale. She says she was surprised by how much the kids genuinely cared for their parents.

“I think I was genuinely surprised at how astute the kids were about the parents and how well they understood them – they really knew them so well in a way that surprised me,” she said. “I was surprised by their lack of cynicism. They’re 100% in on this, want it to work, and believe in love.

Roe and Carole

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The My Mum Your Dad 2022 finale airs on Monday, November 28 at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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