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Love Island Australia

Season Five premieres at 6:00 pm

Love Island Australia is returning to Mallorca, Spain, for its fifth season, premiering at 6:00 pm, Monday, October 30th on 9Now.

Kirra Schofield is the sister of Bronte Schofield, who ‘married’ Harrison Boon on Married At First Sight season ten, and she is one of the original cast members of Love Island Australia season five.

Kirra Schofield attended the wedding, and filmed scenes at a family dinner with Bronte Schofield and Harrison. She became a fan-favourite when she called Boon out of his treatment of her sister.

Host Sophie Monk has promised that Schofield’s inclusion on Love Island Australia won’t be the only twist on the upcoming season.

“This year be prepared to expect the unexpected – it’s not as predictable as previous years. I can usually pick who will find love and stay together, but the Islanders have surprised me every day,” she said.

Love Island Australia is produced by ITV Studios Australia for the Nine Network, and Mediaweek caught up with ITV’s creative director, Alex Mavroidakis, ahead of the season launch. 

This will be the fifth season of Love Island Australia, and whilst some formats that have been running for such a long time can struggle to re-invent themselves, Mavroidakis said that the Love Island format has a secret weapon when it comes to staying fresh. 

“The great thing about Love Island is that the freshness comes from the cast. We can come up with the most ridiculous twists and turns every year, make it more dramatic, add more islanders and mess with them more and more – but the fact of the matter is, it really doesn’t matter what we do to a certain extent. It’s all about the people that we pick, which happens long before we get to Spain.

Any producer will tell you that you live and die on the cast, and I think we’re very much going to live this time. We’ve done a really good job of picking some incredible Australians and people from around the world. It just worked.”

Love Island Australia season five premieres on October 30 at 6 pm AEDT on 9Now.

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