TV Guide: Liberals in Power on Foxtel and Sky News

Liberals in Power

Liberals in Power premieres at 8 pm AEDT

Set over two nights, Sky News Australia will feature Liberals in Power, an in-depth investigation into the inner workings of the Liberal Party during a tumultuous nine years of government under the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison prime ministerships from 2013-2022.

Liberals in Power premieres at 8 pm AEDT on Monday, November 13 and Tuesday, November 14 on Foxtel and Sky News.

Hosted by Sky News anchor, and former chief of staff to Alexander Downer and Malcolm Turnbull, Chris Kenny, the special will feature fresh revelations from senior political players about the triumph and treachery during the specific period of the Liberals in power.

Chris Kenny

The unfiltered tell-all will feature interviews with some of the key players to share a behind-the-scenes look at the intricacies of the party infighting, revealing new insights into backtracked promises and why members turned on each other. 

The documentary will also journey through the highs and lows of the COVID-19 pandemic, the secret negotiation of the AUKUS military pact, and the bitter Labor Party takedown of the Coalition over its alleged “women problem” that preceded former Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s election failure, and the end of nine years of Liberal party rule. 

Documentary host Chris Kenny said: “It is incredible that after the lessons of the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd era, the Liberal Party tumbled down the same path of leadership turmoil. In interviews with the senior players, it seems they can hardly believe it either. That this unfolded while the nation grappled with an ominous strategic environment when an increasingly belligerent China targeted Australia, and while we grappled with a once-in-a-generation pandemic challenge, only raised the stakes and made the drama more compelling. These governments delivered significant achievements for the nation, but in the end, the Liberal Party is left to do some serious soul-searching about its future.”

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