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Farmer Wants A Wife FWAW

Thousands of eligible singles have applied to meet the five new farmers

Farmer Wants A Wife 2023 will premiere at 7.00pm Monday, 10 April, on Seven and 7plus.

Thousands of eligible singles have applied to meet the five new farmers who are preparing to follow their hearts in what is being called the most romantic season ever of the reality dating show.

After joining as guest host last year, Samantha Armytage will now be stepping up as host, while longtime host Natalie Gruzlewski is set to stay on as co-host.

Who are the farmers on Farmer Wants a Wife 2023?

 Farmer Brad, 32 – Cootamundra, NSW. The crop and cattle farmer is a loveable larrikin with a dazzling smile but has been heartbroken in the past: “I wanted to be on the farm, she didn’t want to be there. Finding a special person, it’s the missing puzzle piece in my life.”

 Farmer David, 29 – Pozieres, Queensland. The fourth-generation farmer from Queensland, who is on the hunt for a life partner. The apple farmer on the show describes his farm as “pretty close to paradise”, but said feels like there’s something missing. He said: “I need to find that person who’s willing to join the adventure with me. It comes down to something very simple and it’s who I could see being my wife.”
 Farmer Brenton, 26 – Darriman, Victoria. The sixth-generation cattle farmer from Victoria is a true-blue country bloke happily admits that he’s “an awkward guy” and “has never done anything like this before. I’ve got the opportunity to find that special someone,” he says as he meets his top favourites for the first time,” he said.

 Farmer Matt, 23 – Bookham, NSW. The fifth-generation sheep and cattle farmer . He is the season’s youngest farmer finds dating in his hometown a difficult experience: “When you are related to half the valley, it makes your choices very thin. One of these ladies could be my future. It’s not an easy decision to make.”

 Farmer Andrew, 41 – Narromine, NSW. The a crop and sheep farmer who dreams big, looks at the bigger picture and knows that the only way is forward. He said: “Love comes when you least expect it but you need to be prepared. Provide it with the right environment, give it time and space, and it will grow, flourish, last and conquer.”

Farmer Wants a Wife Farmers

Farmer Andrew, Farmer David, Farmer Brad, Farmer Brenton and Farmer Matt. Seven.

In an interview with Mediaweek, head of reality at the Seven Network Sylvia D’Souza revealed that there were “a couple of things” that were “different” this year which aided in the high success rate.

“We have a new production team on Farmer this series, through Eureka production. At the helm was executive producer Janine Cooper of Bachelor fame,” she said. “I think she embraced the ethos of Farmer front and centre and kept the series focused on real love and the drama around falling in love and nothing else.”

While D’Souza admitted she always “bangs on” about “real love”, Cooper made it happen.

“The results speak for itself,” she said.

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Farmer Wants a Wife premieres on Monday, April 10 at 7.00 pm on 7 and 7Plus.

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