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Big Brother

Big Brother Australia is produced by Endemol Shine Australia

Big Brother Australia is set to return on Monday, November 6 at 7:30 pm for a new season packed with curveballs and twists. 

Fifteen new housemates are entering the house to play the game as each will try to get their hands on the $100,000 cash prize.

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With a new look, keep an eye out for:

• Two sisters playing together as one housemate
• The King and Queen Suite: where two lovebirds can get up close and personal away from the other Housemates
• Host Sonia Kruger entering the Big Brother house for the first time ever, to deliver evictions
• Big Brother Uncut airing exclusively on 7plus: unblurred and uncensored, Big Brother Uncut showcases the funniest unseen moments of the week that are too explicit for television. 

Returning gameplay favourites:

• House Nominations: The Housemates will all have the power to nominate who they want to be up for eviction
• Secret Missions: Housemates may be asked by Big Brother to take part in secret tasks of his choosing
• Nominations Challenges: These challenges return with new gameplay as all housemates will compete and the winner will be safe from eviction and have the sole ability to nominate.
• Secret Rooms: Undisclosed elements of the House will throw everything into chaos.

When speaking to Mediaweek, host Sonia Kruger revealed that the new season is going back to its roots to showcase what people are interested in. The relationships.

Kruger said she was looking forward to fans witnessing the new iteration because it’s “very different from the past couple of years,” saying that the producers kept the original production in view while making the new season.

“That was kept in mind when we were looking at this particular series,” Kruger said. “As in what was it that was successful back then? It was really about the relationships. It was how people interacted with each other. And that’s the thing that fascinates all of us quite a bit. It’s the voyeur in us. We want to see how other people conduct themselves in relationships.”

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Big Brother Australia is produced by Endemol Shine Australia.

Watch Big Brother from Monday to Thursday at 7.30 pm on 7 and 7Plus and Big Brother Uncut drops Thursdays 8:30pm exclusively on 7plus.

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