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Beauty and the Geek

• The winning pair will take home $100,000 in prize money

Nine’s 2021 reboot of Beauty and the Geek, hosted by Sophie Monk, showed off all the fun of the original series with a new layer of heart and warmth. The finale is set to air at 7:30pm on Tuesday August 3rd on Nine and 9Now

The winning pair will take home $100,000 in prize money.

The 10 beauties and 10 geeks have worked together through a series of real-life challenges in the search to find a romantic spark or a lifelong friendship. Connections have been made as two very different worlds collide and strong partnerships bloomed in the most unlikely places.

The result is the top three pairs are set to battle it out for the title of Beauty and the Geek 2021, after a challenge in Episode 11 required the Beauties and Geeks to step into each other’s worlds.

In the last elimination before the finale, James and Jess and Sam and Aira were sent home. However, all wasn’t lost for one pair in particular.

Geek James took his Beauty Jess on a date, and decided to tell her how he felt about her.

“I don’t know if it’s too soon to say, but I’ve learnt you’ve taught me to love myself, but even more I love you,” he said, leading to a kiss.

“I love you too,” she replied.

beauty and the geek

Beauty and the Geek cast 2021

The Beauty and the Geek 2021 Top Three:

Alexander and Eliza
George and Josie
Lachlan and Kiera 


The top three have survived where other pairs have not. The pairs eliminated throughout the season were:

Episode 4: Frank and Gabrielle
Episode 5: Jessica and Jackson
Episode 6: Bryanna and Kiran
Episode 7: Leticia and Kyle
Episode 8: Aira and Sam
Episode 9: No one — but in a twist, Sam and Aira came back
Episode 10: Ashleigh and Mitchell
Episode 11: Jess and James, and Aira and Sam (again)

Beauty and the Geek Finale: 7:30pm August 3rd on Nine and 9Now

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