TV Guide: Ally Langdon takes on A Current Affair

a current affair

A Current Affair returns at 7.00pm on Channel Nine and 9Now

Ally Langdon will be behind the desk tonight when A Current Affair returns at 7.00pm on Channel Nine and 9Now.

A Current Affair, which first aired on Channel Nine in 1971, is back for 2023 and will once again battle for the underdog, break big stories, feature big interviews and undertake important investigations.

This week will feature the interview that brought Ally Langdon to tears. Viewers will be given insight into one woman’s fight for survival at the hands of an ex, telling the show why she’s terrified he will strike again and learn of her campaign to protect her family and others. It comes after a spate of fatal domestic violence attacks over Christmas and the New Year period.

A Current Affair then goes on the front line with a police squad which has one of the most dangerous beats in Australia. The crew captures a game of hide and seek where one suspect is nabbed hiding under a couch. 

The show will also be featuring classic ACA battles – the grandmothers fighting a serial pest, neighbours at war with homes built on top of each other, and Langdon’s personal fight to help two pensioners battling for their financial survival.

Plus exclusive interviews with Hugh Jackman and TV darling Delevene Delaney about her new role.

Fiona Dear, executive producer of A Current Affair, said: “The Current Affair team is excited to welcome Ally as our new host. And while we have a surprise new look, we’re still the same, listening to your stories and giving you the interviews that will get Australians talking. Bring on 2023.”

Back in September, Tracy Grimshaw announced she was leaving the show after 17 years behind the desk.

“It’s been a big decision and before the gossip websites start telling you rubbish, I want you to know it’s been my decision alone and I’m not being shoved out the door by the boys club because I’m too old,” she said at the time.

“I’ve basically been a shift worker for 26 years, driving to work before dawn for nine years on the Today Show, and the past 17 years driving home after dark here on A Current Affair and it’s time for less of that daily obligation.”

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