TV Demand: Wednesday pulls a crowd for Netflix

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The White Lotus dominates overall TV shows

Netflix original, Wednesday, has made an (almost) clean sweep of the TV demand charts, topping Australia’s (34.73 points) and New Zealand’s (19.9 points) digital original series and Australia’s overall TV shows. The series fell just behind The White Lotus in New Zealand’s overall TV shows.

Directed by Tim Burton, the Addams family reboot has inspired a number of social media trends, including Jenna Ortega’s (Wednesday Addams) viral choreography to the Cramps’ 1981 cover of Goo Goo Muck.

Placing second in Australia’s TV shows and first in New Zealand’s is The White Lotus, with 31.12 and 26.8 points, respectively. The series follows the guests and employees of the fictional White Lotus resort chain, whose stay is affected by their various psychosocial dysfunctions. 

Netflix’s most popular show, Stranger Things, has placed second in Australia and fourth in New Zealand’s digital originals with 22.87 and 13.22 points, respectively. The series continues to clock big numbers months after its season four finale. 

Disney+ original Andor has come in at third on the Australian digital originals with 20.73 points above average and second in New Zealand with 16.66 points above average. Season one wrapped up on November 23, making it Disney+’s longest original live-action series.

The Mandalorian has re-entered the charts at fourth in Australia and tenth in New Zealand after Disney+ announced season three will return on March 1, 2023. The show clocked 19.7 points above the market average in Australia and 9.48 in New Zealand.

In overall TV shows, Game of Thrones placed third in Australia and fourth in New Zealand, while House of the Dragon came in fifth in Australia and third in New Zealand.

Top 10 Digital Original Series: Australia
1 Wednesday Netflix 34.73x
2 Stranger Things Netflix 22.87x
3 Andor Disney+ 20.73x
4 The Mandalorian Disney+ 19.17x
5 Tulsa King Paramount+ 19.16x
6 The Boys Amazon Prime Video 18.06x
7 Warrior Nun Netflix 17.95x
8 Ted Lasso Apple TV+ 14.93x
9 The Peripheral Amazon Prime Video 14.22x
10 The Handmaid’s Tale Netflix 13.99x

Top 10 Digital Original Series: New Zealand
1 Wednesday Netflix 19.9x
2 Andor Disney+ 16.66x
3 The Boys Amazon Prime Video 14.41x
4 Stranger Things Netflix 13.22x
5 Warrior Nun Netflix 12.13x
6 The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power Amazon Prime Video 10.78x
7 The Peripheral Amazon Prime Video 10.21x
8 Willow Disney+ 10.16x
9 The Witcher Netflix 10.09x
10 The Mandalorian Netflix 9.48x

Top 10 Overall TV Shows: Australia
1 Wednesday 34.73x
2 The White Lotus 31.12x
3 Game Of Thrones 24.89x
4 Stranger Things 22.87x
5 House Of The Dragon 22x
6 Family Guy 21.61x
7 Andor 20.73x
8 My Hero Academia 20.12x
9 Better Call Saul 19.76x
10 Grey’s Anatomy 19.56x

Top 10 Overall TV Shows: New Zealand
1 The White Lotus 26.8x
2 Wednesday 19.9x
3 House Of The Dragon 19.21x
4 Game Of Thrones 17.11x
5 Andor 16.66x
6 Yellowstone 15.71x
7 The Boys 14.41x
8 The Walking Dead 14.2x
9 Better Call Saul 14.13x
10 Stranger Things 13.22x


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