TV Demand: Marvel shows dominate both sides of the Tasman

the falcon and the winter soldier marvel

• The anime Attack on Titan also continues to perform well

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier continues its run at the top of the Australian Overall and Digital Original charts this week, although fellow Marvel TV show WandaVision has crept back to the top of both New Zealand charts.

On both the Digital Originals and Overall Australian charts, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is currently sitting at 30.7 points above market average.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is the third Disney+ show in a row to hit the number one spot after The Mandalorian took the top spot ahead of their second season launch in October 2020. WandaVision took over as the show to beat on February 2nd this year.

With the first episode being released three weeks ago, episode one of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was ranked as the most watched series premiere ever on Disney+ during its opening weekend. It debuted on the charts at number eight on the top ten Digital Originals in Australia, and made number three on the Digital Originals chart for New Zealand.

The anime Attack on Titan continues to perform well on the Overall charts, coming in third in Australia at 23.2 points above the market average, and seventh in New Zealand at 14.2 points above the market average. This is likely to continue as the manga that the anime is based on draws to a close.

Top 10 Digital Original Series: Australia  Top 10 Overall TV Shows: Australia
RankTitlePlatformDifference from Market Average  RankTitleDifference from Market Average
1The Falcon And The Winter SoldierDisney+                                                    30.7  1The Falcon And The Winter Soldier                                                30.7
2WandaVisionDisney+                                                    26.2  2WandaVision                                                26.2
3The MandalorianDisney+                                                    22.4  3Attack On Titan                                                23.2
4The CrownNetflix                                                    15.3  4The Mandalorian                                                22.4
5The BoysAmazon Prime Video                                                    14.3  5Game Of Thrones                                                21.5
6The Handmaid’s TaleHulu                                                    13.8  6The Walking Dead                                                20.1
7Stranger ThingsNetflix                                                    13.0  7Shameless                                                19.9
8The ExpanseAmazon Prime Video                                                    12.4  8My Hero Academia                                                19.2
9Cobra KaiNetflix                                                    11.7  9Grey’s Anatomy                                                19.0
10Star Wars: The Clone WarsDisney+                                                    11.5  10Outlander                                                17.8
Top 10 Digital Original Series: New Zealand  Top 10 Overall TV Shows: New Zealand
RankTitlePlatformDifference from Market Average  RankTitleDifference from Market Average
1WandaVisionDisney+21.3  1WandaVision                                                21.3
2The Falcon And The Winter SoldierDisney+19.6  2The Falcon And The Winter Soldier                                                19.6
3The MandalorianDisney+15.2  3Game Of Thrones                                                17.0
4The BoysAmazon Prime Video11.4  4Shameless                                                16.1
5The Handmaid’s TaleHulu9.7  5The Walking Dead                                                15.3
6The CrownNetflix8.7  6The Mandalorian                                                15.2
7The ExpanseAmazon Prime Video8.1  7Attack On Titan                                                14.2
8Stranger ThingsNetflix7.0  8Married At First Sight (AU)                                                13.6
9For All MankindApple TV+6.9  9Peppa Pig                                                13.5
10The Grand TourAmazon Prime Video6.3  10PAW Patrol                                                13.2
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