TV Demand: Disney+ original Andor makes a clean sweep


Warrior Nun enters the charts with force

Disney+ original, Andor has made a clean sweep of the TV demand charts, ahead of the season finale. The current season is Disney+’s longest original live-action series with 12 episodes, with the finale set to premiere on November 23. In Australia, Andor came in at 26.14 points above average and 22.52 points in New Zealand.

Netflix original, Warrior Nun makes its debut in the TV demand charts with 25.45 points above average in Australia and 20.28 points in New Zealand. Starring Alba Baptista, Toya Turner, and Thekla Reuten, the second season follows a young woman who wakes up in a morgue with a new artifact in her back and discovers she’s part of an ancient order. The series came second in Australia’s digital originals and third in New Zealand’s.

The Handmaid’s Tale on SBS has fallen from the top after taking the cake four weeks in a row. The series came in 24.05 points above the market average in Australia and 15.9 points in New Zealand, as the season five final aired last week. 

Netflix’s The Crown is back on screens with its fifth season. The royal series, which was created by Peter Morgan and has been devoured by viewers since its 2016 series premiere, is set to end after its forthcoming sixth season. The series came fourth in Australia’s digital originals with 23.99 points above average and fifth in New Zealand with 14.17.

Netflix’s most popular show, Stranger Things, has experienced a slight drop, coming third in Australia and fourth in New Zealand’s digital originals with 23.1 and 14.17 points, respectively.

Game Of Thrones came in second on Australia’s overall TV shows, but fell to fourth in New Zealand, with 26.01 and 19.04 points, respectively. In New Zealand, House of the Dragon sat at second with 21.78 points above average. 


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