TrinityP3 opens 2024 State of the Pitch survey

TrinityP3 - Lydia Feely and Darren Woolley

The survey is open from now until 31 December.

TrinityP3 has opened its 2024 State of the Pitch survey, asking agencies to participate and share their experiences.

The pitch consultancy’s inaugural State of the Pitch report surveyed agencies about their views on 77 pitches of varying sizes over six months, representing approximately half of the pitches run across Australia for the period. 

The new survey is open from now until 31 December, and agencies are being asked to share their feedback regularly.

Darren Woolley, CEO of TrinityP3, said he hoped to continue growing the pool of responses in the report’s second year.

“We were so thrilled with participation in the inaugural The State of Pitch, with feedback on more than 75 pitches with a broad range of values from $50,000 to $10m. The report gave the industry a clear lens on the state of new business for agencies and how marketers are handling the pitching process. 

“Now that ‘The State of Pitch’ is firmly established, I would love to broaden the pool of agency feedback and hopefully get more agencies giving us their anonymous feedback on what’s working and what isn’t when pitching.”

Lydia Feely, general manager of TrinityP3, added that this year’s report provided valuable feedback for marketers and agencies alike. 

“We had so much good feedback from marketers and agencies alike about this year’s report,” she said.

“It’s become an invaluable tool for marketers who are thinking about going to market and running a process, but equally, I think agencies have gotten tremendous value out of being able to see on the macro level how marketer requirements are evolving and what they need to do in order to secure new business,” Feely added.

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Top image: Lydia Feely and Darren Woolley

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