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Trending at Mediaweek: Le Tour de France comes to Australia, Netflix knows what you want + Hamish and Andy back on radio

By Sally Rawsthorne

1. Le Tour de France comes to…. Australia

Following the somewhat bizarre inclusion of Guy Sebastian as an Australian representative, SBS has done it again – next year, L’Etape Australia by Le Tour de France will take place in the NSW alps.
We’re not kidding, SBS and Destination NSW invite Australian cyclists to compete in a race wherein “the Alps and Pyrenees are replaced by the breathtaking landscapes of the New South Wales Snowy Mountains”. Three levels of amateur participation are available, with the event secured for the next three years. For more, see the SBS website.

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2. Netflix For Sally (or whatever your particular name is)

Netflix’s recommendations for me are almost 100% spot on. I’ve watched things I probably would never have picked for myself, and invariably enjoyed them enough to click that addictive “Watch Next Episode” button. I sort of wish I hadn’t watched BBC’s The Fall just before I tried to go to sleep though…

The Fall 2 The Fall

3. The return of Hamish and Andy

In what is already a hot national drive market, Hamish and Andy‘s return to SCA will push the competition into overdrive. Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty and ARN’s Hughesy and Kate will have their work cut out for them when they return to start the second half of the ratings year next week. Although we’ve just had survey four results, radio bigwigs Australia-wide will be nervously anticipating survey five results on August 25. Radio much funnier than Hamish and Andy sending their mums to interview the stars of Magic Mike XXL might be hard to come by.

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4. Bazaar Fabulous At Every Age Issue

Bauer glossy Harper’s Bazaar does an annual Fabulous At Every Age Issue which is always a highlight. Women in their 20s through to women in their 60s+ are celebrated in the George Jensen collab, with notable media people including SBS and delicious.’s Silvia Colloca, Offspring‘s Asher Keddie, Google’s Maile Carnegie and Ardent Leisure’s Deborah Thomas all making it into the spread.

Harper's Bazaar 6JUL2015


5. Anh Does Italy

As a huge fan of the Italian way of life, I can’t wait to see Anh Do (and his tireless EP Paul Melville) showcase the very best of the food, wine and adventures that are on offer in the home of pizza, renaissance art and Romeo and Juliet.

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