Tracy Grimshaw’s next move revealed, co-hosting new Nine show

Tracy Grimshaw

Grimshaw will return to alongside Dr Nick Coatsworth in Do You Want to Live Forever?

After stepping down as host of A Current Affair in 2022, Tracy Grimshaw will return to Australian screens alongside medical expert Dr Nick Coatsworth in Nine’s new series, Do You Want to Live Forever?

Grimshaw had been at the helm of the show for 17 years, beginning her time on A Current Affair in January 2006, replacing Ray Martin.

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Do You Want to Live Forever? will explore the quest for longer life, with some scientists believing the first person to live to 150 has already been born. The series will ask whether we could live forever, and if we could, would we want to? 

Tracy Grimshaw to host Do You Want to Live Forever?

The program will follow four pairs of Australians as they undergo medically supervised trials and health interventions that may provide ways to help people live longer. Through the participants’ experiences, the show will aim to understand what the future holds. 

Tracy Grimshaw said: “This project was Nick Coatsworth’s idea and I’m really looking forward to working with him on it. I’m keen to explore exactly what a long life will look like.  While in honesty I really haven’t spent my life looking for the fountain of youth, I’m fascinated by how far people are taking that search, and how advanced medicine is becoming in that space. I’m a bit of a medical nerd so the research has been a pleasure.” 

Dr Coatsworth said: “For centuries people have been captivated by the idea of living forever. I am extremely excited to be working with the highly respected Tracy Grimshaw on this new series. Together, we will follow eight everyday Australians as they positively shift the dial of their health and longevity.” 

The series is set to premiere later this year on Channel Nine and 9Now.

Do You Want to Live Forever? is produced by Lune Media, with executive producers David Galloway, Ashley Davies and Leonie Lowe.

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