Top Talent Report reveals Australia’s favourite sports stars of 2022

Top Talent report - Ash Barty

Noakes: “In the Australian psyche, sports stars and athletes, in general, make phenomenal ambassadors for brands”

The Top Talent Report has so far revealed Australia’s No. 1 broadcast personality and Top 10 Most Controversial Talents as voted by consumers.

Now, the report has unveiled Australia’s favourite sports stars, with retired tennis star Ash Barty leading the list. 

Australia’s Top 10 favourite sports stars are:

1. Ash Barty +46
2. Dylan Alcott +46
3. Andrew Gaze +37
4. Evonne Cawley +36
5. Pat Rafter +33
6. Adam Gilchrist +32
7. Brett Lee +29
8. Steve Waugh +27
9. Sam Kerr +26
10. Daniel Ricciardo +25

The Report was commissioned by media and marketing agency Talent Corp in conjunction with Lewers Research and details the latest findings of the Australian Talent Index.
The Index, a first of its kind in Australia, is a talent measurement system that captures consumers’ awareness of, and attitudes towards, a range of Australian talent, including celebrities, actors, broadcasters, sports stars, and politicians.
The nationally representative survey included more than 5,000 Australians who rated 300+ personalities and provided comments on how they felt about a personality.
The Australian Talent Index is calculated by subtracting the proportion of people who disliked a personality from those who liked or loved them, giving each a score ranging from -100 (universally disliked) through to +100 (universally liked). 

Mark Noakes, Talent Corp managing director, said of the Australian sports person edition of the list: “We initially identified the leading and legendary sports stars in major Australian sports, including major Aussie codes as well as key Olympic categories and motorsport.

“The Australian Talent Index then surveyed consumer thoughts, attitudes and emotional responses.
“With sport being so embedded in the Australian psyche, sports stars and athletes, in general, make phenomenal ambassadors for brands. Consumers are inspired and motivated by their actions. Marketers are after all role models for very large audience groups,” Noakes added.
Barty’s sponsors include Head, Kayo Sports, Jaguar, Vegemite, Fila, Rado, Banana Boat, esmi Skin Minerals, Tourism Australia, Uber Eats, YoPRO, Gillette Venus, Marriott International, and AIA Australia.

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Top image: Ash Barty

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