Ticker’s new home – TV production returns to Richmond

• The new space will allow for much larger and more complex productions.

Ticker is growing up and moving up to a state-of-the-art broadcasting facility in the heart of Melbourne’s start-up ecosystem.

Ticker founder and CEO Ahron Young is calling it the “Ticker Loft”.

Nine years after Channel Nine left Bendigo Street Richmond, Ticker is bringing back the glamour of television to the inner-Melbourne suburb.

The new studio is based in a 250sqm warehouse-style studio development amidst Victoria’s creative and start-up community in Richmond and Cremorne.

The space features an open-plan newsroom, three fully-automated studios and of course a table tennis table and bar.

It’s been seven months since Ticker launched, and the business and programming continues to expand.

“Richmond and Cremorne have been dubbed Silicon Yarra as Australia’s answer to Silicon Valley, with a huge number of start-ups and entrepreneurs calling the area home,” said Young.

“Richmond also witnessed the birth of television in Victoria thanks to Channel Nine.

“While the traditional TV model is coming under pressure, there are huge opportunities for streaming multi-media businesses like Ticker,” Young added.

Dubbed the “Ticker Loft”, Studio 1 will house an open plan newsroom and large studio for Ticker Today, the flagship news and interview program featuring the latest tech and business news and interviews with start-up founders and CEOs.

Studio 2 will be a multi-purpose studio featuring large LED screens and the ability to create different looks for different shows quickly. Studio 3 will feel like a bar, allowing hosts to go between studios during shows.

Ticker commercial & partnerships director Jed Bertalli said: “We currently produce 25 hours of content a week and our new facility will enable us to multiply that. The three studios have been purposely deigned to maximise both Ticker programming and productions. We are the one-stop-shop for businesses to create credible content.

“Plenty more programs are on the way, covering everything from the business of weddings, and change in every industry. Our integrated sponsorship opportunities are proving more effective than traditional advertising, with Ticker content reaching well over 3.6 million Australians in the month of February alone.”

The new space will allow for much larger and more complex productions.

The building is currently undergoing major renovations to prepare for Ticker’s imminent move.

Over coming weeks, Ticker will launch free streaming Apps for Apple TV, iOS, Android TV and mobile devices. Ticker currently broadcasts live on the website, the iOS app, Twitter, YouTube Live and Facebook Live. You can also watch Ticker live on Amazon Alexa devices.

Watch Mediaweek on Ticker with Ahron Young and James Manning live at 1pm Tuesdays or on demand.

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