Ticker News takes an inside look at streaming industry in new documentary, Streaming Wars

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Mediaweek’s Trent Thomas was featured in the Ticker News original to provide insight into the world of streaming

Ticker News has released a short documentary, Streaming Wars, taking an inside look at the streaming industry and where it goes from here.

Mediaweek’s Trent Thomas was featured in the Ticker News original to provide insight into the world of streaming.

Speaking on the evolution of streaming, he said, “Now, for you to get every TV show you want to get, you have to get 5 or 6 streamers, which combined is more expensive than having Foxtel.”

The Streaming Wars description says, “2012- the beginning of the streaming era as we know it. Netflix started producing its own original content in order to have more control over the content they offered, and to differentiate themselves from competitors.

“They took a massive risk to produce their first in house TV show. House of Cards was a smash hit. But also, the beginning of a new term – binge-worthy content.

Streaming Wars

“By producing their own shows, Netflix was able to offer unique and exclusive programming that could only be found on their platform, which helped to attract and retain subscribers. That caught the attention of Wall Street, and as Netflix’s stock rose, traditional media companies across Hollywood watched with envy.

“A happy and profitable ecosystem that Netflix started to threaten. Why let ads interrupt your favourite TV show, when you can pay $10 a month and watch what you want whenever.

“Soon, Disney and HBO would launch their own in house streaming services. The trickle became a flood, and the studios pulled their content off pay TV to offer it to streaming exclusively.”

Trent Thomas

Earlier this month, it was announced that Ticker News is about to arrive on Fetch TV, bringing Australian audiences more live news and original programs focussed on breaking news, business and tech.

Ticker will be available as a live network as part of the Fetch aggregation platform’s push into Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST). Accessible from the TV Guide, Ticker News will be available to Fetch customers on their TV and on the Fetch Mobi App from March 1, 2023.

Ticker CEO Ahron Young said: “This is an incredible moment for the Ticker team and a great achievement. Since our launch in 2019, we’ve been focused on building a leading FAST news streaming network, and we are tremendously proud to be embraced by the team at Fetch.”

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